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Hi everyone,

My name is Zuriah and i am a mother of a 10 monthold baby boy who is a very hyper active child and is already walking.

he is just so adorable but i dont get much time to spend with with him becuase of work and everything else.

he is growing so quickly and i wish i could be there to experience everything with him.

His birthday is coming up and his father and i are debating about wether or not we should have a big bash for him or not.

i hope i will get some advise from you about what to do:)


Renee - posted on 04/20/2009





how good is it that your boy is walking, good on him!

i have a 10 month old baby girl, who just got her first tooth yesterday 19/04 and took 7 steps to me today! i am sooooooooo proud of her.

i also have a 2 and half yr old girl who is so excited for her little sis.

YESSS YOU SHOULD HAVE A BIG PARTY FOR HIM! they only turn one once, i remember for my eldest daughter i gave her a cearbears party and it is somting i we will never forget. i love orgainising and decorating not to mention all the pics of her eating her cake and so on.

I am in the process of orgainising my little ones 1st birthday we are going to have a Princess and Princes party and all her little friends that are coming have to dress up, it is going to be so fun.

I understand about the working thing, it sux but you have to do it, to give your baby the best you can! you have your whole life together just when you are with you little man cherish every min of it.

well i better be off, nice seeing other mums out there like me!

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