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My son has a hemangioma birthmark on his face, aside his nose just below his right eye. It really grew during the first 2 months, but seems to have remained the same size and has even started to lighten in the middle. The doctor says hemangiomas may continue to grow until 1 year and then typically begin to involute and disappear by age 5. Since my son's hemangioma is not affecting his vision (he sees an eye doctor every other month), we're planning on leaving it alone for now.

Does anyone else have a child with a hemangioma? If so, is it still growing or starting to go away? Has your doctor told you anything differently?


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Thanks again to everyone for sharing.  Tracy,  I'm glad that your daughter is doing well and would be interested in seeing before and after pics.  My son's hemangioma was present at birth as a small red spot aside his nose, but we didn't notice it until he was about a week old and it had started to grow.

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Posted by You (Jan. 20, 2009 at 7:52 pm)

My daughter had a hemangioma that covered the bridge of her nose (left side) over to her eye and under her eye. She was not born with it but we did notice it after a few days. We could lierally watch it grow bigger every day.  Hers was quite large and had obstructed her tear duct and was dangerously close ot her eye. Our doctor said that it would grow until she was 12-28 months old.  As she had growth spurts it had growth sputs too.  The doctor explained that is was similar to cutting the grass.  The hemangioma grows, the treatments "cut it", then it grows again, and the next treatment "cuts it" again, and so on until it stops growing.  Her first treatment was when she was three months old and it consisted of steroid injections and a laser treatment.  The treatment caused it to shrink and fade but it did start to grow again a month later.   At six months old she had another laser treatment. She had a rare reaction to the steriods--they ate away the fat in her face. It was a straight line that ran from her forehead, through the hemangioma, and down her cheek. The hemangioma still continued to grow.  At 11 months old they removed the hemangioma, filled in the areas where the fat had been eaten away, and gave her an eye lift. She is now 23 months old and only has the incision scar from the surgery. We hope that it will fade on its own but if not we will do another laser treatment.

I am new to circle of moms but I will try to post pictures if I can figure out how to do it.

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My daughter doesn't have one, though I do.  Mine takes up my whole left leg from bum cheek to the back of my knee cap.  No harm done apart from the general teasing of children when I was younger. Mine grew till I was 18months never faded -  it actually got darker.  Don't fret though! My mum was told by my Dr. that once white spots start appearring through the hemangioma -  that this is when it has stopped growing & slowly will start to disappear though it might leave a white "stain" behind. Though at the sweet age of 30ish I am noticing in places it is started to "fade".  Hope this was sort of helpful. 

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My daughter has one on the top of her head. It was about the size of a pin when she was born and grew to the size of a shirt button. It is red and raised. Samantha's seems to have stopped growing, but has not begun to fade. Hemangioma's are an irregular collection of blood vessels. Some of my friends refer to them as an "angels kiss". Sometimes they may linger longer then age 5 or fade away before.  They are generally harmless.

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Sounds at least similar, if not the same.  I think there are various types of hemangiomas, but I do not know the differences.  Thanks for sharing!

Anna - posted on 01/15/2009




I thought my sons birthmark was called a rosiola hemangioma? Is this the same thing. The description is the same.  Oliver's mark is on his side though, and poses no threat if it stays or goes  . . . so we don't have to go to the doctor about it.  Hence, I don't even know it's proper name. (Jeez makes me feel a little uneducated!)  His grew quite a bit in those first few months but has stayed about the size of a nickel for the last five months.  We call it his angel kiss.  It is red and bumpy (Same thing?)

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