Kathryn - posted on 03/05/2010




Night time routine. The more they are used to it the easier it will be. It will be tough at first but they want the control. Once they understand that when you lay them down that is it, they will give in a lot quicker.

We start every eveing with dinner, a little play with daddy (he gets home late so we don't have any daddy time during the day), bath (not always though), pj's, books (this could be a couple or it could last 1/2 and hour), brush teeth, kisses to everyone, and he and I go up stairs and I sing him the songs I have sung to him since he was born. Every night he is out at 7:30 (or earlier) with no problem.

If I am not home my hubby does the whole thing (execpt for the singing) and it takes my son less than 5 min to settle down to sleep.


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Frances - posted on 03/08/2010




I agree with having a routine & most especially, a set bedtime. Or at least something close to it. When my husband deployed, I tried the crying it out method. Laying him down when he's tired, but awake & coming in every x minutes to let him know I'm there & walking out. It worked well & my son was going to bed by himself. Then, my husband came home & things just got crazy and we had no schedule. He went to bed whatever time we did & got up when we did. Finally, we set up a bedtime for him. My husband actually was the one that was able to get him to sleep by himself. I tried & tried and it just wasn't happening. We call it "drop & go" lol. We just put him in the crib, sing his lullabies, read a story, say good night & walk out. He may fuss for a few minutes, but eventually he falls asleep. Good luck!

Amber - posted on 03/08/2010




I know some of you may think that I am harsh and I know this because I thought it was too, until I was so frustrated after trying everthing else. I completely agree with routine, routine, routine because the child then knows what to expect next. But I was doing that and I had tried everthing else and a few friends had told me to let him cry it out. I was like "No way, I just can't bring myself to do that". But one night I was exhausted and tried it, the first night he cried about 10 min even though it seemed like an hour and I so wanted to go in and just hold him but I knew that he wans't going to go to sleep that way. The next night was less and the next even less, until I would just go lay him down, tell him I loved him and turn his music with the timer on and he would be out in minutes. Some of my other firends are jealous that he now goes down so easy, for bedtime and naps. We still have relapses everyonce in a while and have to cry it out again for 1-2 nights, especially if we are out of routine or if he has been sick.
I truly believe this was one of my most frustrating subjects when my 20 month old was younger but I also know this works and he still loves his mommy and daddy just the same and is a very well behaved child. My Dr. reccommended this when he was two months old too (but siad do not do it before 2months?), and I thought he was out of his mind but I guess maybe he did know what he was talking about on that subject.
Sorry I am so long winded, Good Luck!

Veronica - posted on 03/05/2010




if they are set on sleeping with you in your bed then start them off in your bed with a pellow between the 2 of you that way they can get used to sleeping without your touch then move them to there bed while they are sleep then gradually start laying them in their bed the transition might be easier for them

Marla - posted on 03/05/2010




Yup, routine is very important for things like that. I didn't give me first a routine, I didn't see the the time. lol. She is 3yr now and I still am having a harder time getting her to sleep than my 20mo old, who has had the same routine for about a year. Also, paying attention to things like how late they have sugary snacks or juices, letting them wear themselves out before bed and not giving in to staying in the room as they fall asleep are key things. I found if I get them put in bed and stay in the room to sing they will watch me or try to talk to me, whereas if I stepped outside the door and sing they will simply listen and forget that they can't see me, falling asleep much quicker. Hope that helps some.

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