How to pottie train...shw wont sit on the pottie for more then a minute.


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Heather - posted on 08/07/2009




Have you tried buying or borrowing some potty books from the library?? It seems to help if they understand what is going to happen and what will go on. My son is pretty regular and so I've started to sit him on the potty after every meal. Nothing yet but he is getting used to the idea and we are reading potty books while we do it so he understands what is going on. He doesn't talk much either so i feel ur pain, but is very interested in getting a dirty diaper off. lol

Samantha - posted on 08/03/2009




How long have you been trying? My son sits on the potty a little bit longer every time we sit him down. He smiles on the potty.

He gives a lot of signs he is ready, all but talking, and there is no reason to wait until they are talking.

Keep at it an she'll get used to it.

Good Luck

Julie - posted on 08/03/2009




My son has been going on the potty for two weeks now. I noticed that he was always dry when he woke up in the morning so I figured that since he was holding it all night I'd try. We bought a potty and put him on it first thing the next morning. He's been going ever since. He still has accidents because he doesn't talk and can't tell us that he has to go, but I put him on about every two hours and he goes.

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I've been wondering about potty training also. Everyone has told me to wait but whenever my 13 month poos she goes into the kitchen where we hear her grunting. When she's done she'll come back in the front room where we have some diapers and baby wipes and pulls one diaper and the wipes down and walks over to my husband and I. Isn't that a clear sign she knows something is in her diaper and she doesn't like it? She's also been pulling at her diaper when it's wet and the other day undid the sticky part and tried to pull her diaper off. When I checked her diaper it wasn't hardly wet at all but did have some pee in it. Let me know if you hear anything that helps.

Jeanine - posted on 08/01/2009




everytime she goes pottie she points to her diaper, she doest really talk all that much yet. She also has been pulling off her diaper then she's wet.

Carly - posted on 08/01/2009




Most toddlers aren't ready to start toilet training until at least 18 months old. I would suggest your daughter probably isn't ready yet. What signs have you seen to make you think she might be ready? The main thing is that they need to understand the sensation of doing a wee or a poo. Does she tell you now that she has done one in her nappy, or is about to? Unless she is showing signs of awareness about what is happening in her body, I wouldn't try pushing potty training. Better to wait until they are ready. I have heard it is a lot less stressful that way. Good luck!

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