I need help transition away from Co-sleeping?

Meagan - posted on 02/19/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 8 months old.. we started to co-sleep purely out of necessity. Now I think its time to go back to the crib. The problem is I will get her to sleep and *if* i am successful at getting her in her crib without waking up she only stays asleep for about an hour at a time. This happens all night long .. up every hour wanting to get into mommies bed.... she sleeps all night through in my bed.

NExt week she will be getting her own room... i have done a lot of research about transitioning and none of it seem realistic to me at this point... Any suggestions are welcome! However, cry it out is not an option for us..


Rebecca - posted on 02/21/2009




Could you try maybe putting the crib in with you and slowly every few nights moving it further away from you until it is in her own room and maybe try having dad put her in her crib instead of you. 


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Amanda - posted on 02/20/2009




we had major difficulties getting our baby girl to sleep in her crib!  of course, she slept in our bed on a need-be basis, but she slept right next to mommy in a bedside sleeper.  so, the first few nights we tried to switch her over to the crib, she would wake up screaming every two hours.  :(


firstly, i was told to try to get her a transitionary object  --  and to start laying her down for naps in her crib with that object as well as let her fall asleep in her bedside sleeper with the same object.  we tried that for a few days.  it seemed to help a little, but we got a little impatient, because she was outgrowing her bassinet.

then!  i talked to my sister, who has two babies of her own, and she told us to try putting on some nice soothing lullaby music.  we made sure she had a little night light, put on some music, and waited it out for a few hours.  that was the first time she slept through the whole night in her crib all by herself!  and now she does it every night.  :)

i hope it works out just as easily for you!

Carrie - posted on 02/20/2009




Okay...are you nursing?? If so..she might be doing what my daughter is doing..using you as a security blanket/pacifier! Have someone else take her to bed (dad?).. and also when she wakes in the night. (if nursing). Does she have bad reflux?? This could be waking her repeatedly...Feed her SOLID food right before bed..no milk. This Did help me help...at least for a couple extra hours the first of the night. Prop her mattress if she is a refluxer. Once cosleeping is started it is very hard to stop...My son who is 4 still thinks he need to sleep with us. Have to carry him to his room after he is asleep most nights. I was determined never to have the same prob with my daughter always put her in her crib.....but when she started the "awake every hour thing" I gave in more than I wanted to. Purely out of exhaustion. It is HARD to do this but you will sleep better and s will she if you break the cycle..and if you dn;t do it now...it will just get harder and harder...take it from a tired mom who was there.

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