Is your child reading books?

Serene - posted on 01/30/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Is your child reading? My son Recognizes his ABCS, spells his name, recognizes his numbers, and loves to look at books. I was just wondering if their are any kids doing this also and any parents encouraging them to read so soon? If so how is it going with them reading?


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My daughter loves books. She has so many she can read to me now because we read them so much. She always makes sure to let me know if I miss a word or page too. She knows her ABC's, 1-20 and can spell Mom, Dad and almost her name (it's alittle long but she only misses a couple letters. She is so smart with a computer (she has her own and her own IPad). She talks very well for her age and sometimes I think she's smarter then her lazy older


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Kirstin - posted on 04/15/2012




My son is the same. He loves to read and write. Can spell out all his brothers and sisters names and also around 10 words. He can also read 1st level books almost fluently. Its great that they have the want to learn all the easier to learn once at school

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Hi, I read an interesting book called How to teach your baby read. by Glenn Doman, it is interesting and according to this book, I taught my older daugter read about 50 words when she was about 3. I wasnt consistent engouh :D But it is possible.

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We homeschool, so our 3 yo knows quite a bit. She says she is doing school with us and I do workbooks with her. When I read to her, I skip words to see if she remembers what word comes next. At this age, it is good to repeat the same books so they become repititious. They learn the words by seeing them over and over as you point to them. My 9 yo learned to read that way when he was 5. And now he is a really good reader, too. My 12 yo learned with phonics and my 15 yo learned with writing words over and over. She use to carry around a tablet of paper, and ask me all day long how to spell words. It was so annoying at the time, she was my first and I didn't understand this was her reading lessons in disguise. lol

See, we all can homeschool our kids. We do it every day as moms before they go to school. (My 12 yo is really good at PS3 gaming....he will be a computer techie someday) My 15 yo cares for horses twice a week at a horse bording stable and grooms horses in her spare time. So, all the time you spend reading to your children is great! Keep up the good work!

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We also spent and spend a lot of time with our June 08 bub and he loves books now. He doesn't read them to us yet, but is happy to "read" them himself on occasion. Being a very social boy though, he much prefers it when we're engaged. He also sings the alphabet, can spell his name and recognise the letters everywhere, as well as count to 18. Congrats on your little one's interest and achievements!

Stephanie - posted on 03/03/2012




There's a great website!! it costs 7.95 a month but my daughter LOVES it and we do it together

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My daughter is the same way as your son. She loves to sing, knows her ABCs, numbers, shapes, etc. She can write her name and writes random letters together with periods. Then she will 'read' it to us. She loves books and will retell stories via her toys, dolls. It's cute and crazy how fast our little ones are growing!

Kathryn - posted on 02/18/2012




No reading here. We spend 45 min a night reading to Elijah but he doesn't seem at all intereted in reading books for himself.

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