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Hey everyone. Jake is six months today, and I was wondering if and when you all started giving your babies juice or if you have at all. He still nurses about 5 times a day, eats fruits and veggies with cereal 2-3 times a day, and also gets at least one bottle of formula. I was just reading on another site about giving 6 month olds juice and water in a sippy cup but I still feel that he is to little for that. What do you all think and what have you done. Oh and he is getting his first tooth in!


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Jennifer - posted on 12/28/2008




We have started some water in a sippy cup but just so he can play with it and work on drinking out of a cup. He rarely actually drinks any of the water, but he does like to play with the cup and put it up to his mouth. My dr doesn't like juice because it is full of sugar so right now we're doing water. But I may add 1/2 apple juice 1/2 water eventually to see if he'll actually drink from the cup instead of just playing.

Julia - posted on 12/27/2008




Marleigh has had juice since she was 4&1/2 months. We give her maybe an ounce or so of juice mixed with equal amounts of water. She wouldn't take it from a bottle, but would from a sippy cup. I use the First Years disposable cups and you can squeeze some juice from the spout so she got the hang of it pretty fast. I started giving her juice when the pediatrician recommended it for constipation. I also give her water with no juice.

Erica - posted on 12/27/2008




My pediatrician said that under 1 year old babies don't need extra hydration - just formula/breast milk and water in baby food.

Liz - posted on 12/27/2008




My twins are almost seven months old. I've been giving them juice in their bottles since they were six months.. 2-4 oz. You're not suppose to give them any more then that a day.

Rebecca - posted on 12/27/2008




My son is breastfed too, along with the solid food he is getting. My pediatrician told me that as long as he is having plenty of wet diapers he is fully hydrated by nursing and so I do not need to give him anything else to drink. However, if he wants something to drink with his solid food meals, he can have water. The juice just has way too much sugar for their little digestive systems and their little teeth.

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