My baby boy don't want to walk.

Lena - posted on 06/01/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




hi there, my baby haven't start walking yet.He is now a year old. He is getting lazy.When he was around 9-10 month he looked like he was going to walk early but now it look's like he had forgotten. I try to teach him alot but he just don't want to walk anymore. And when he does he walk's on the tip of his toes.Is that normal?


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Angela - posted on 06/14/2009




don't stress!!!! your baby will walk eventually. Do you see or have you heard a 2 year old not walking? Eventually they do walk when they are ready.

Cathy - posted on 06/05/2009




i just asked my doctor the same thing at last weeks appointment. it is normal to walk on tipy toes because he doesn't know how to walk's not that he is getting lazy it mightbe just that he is not ready doctor also said that cruising furniture is a good sighn of walking and if they are not walking a by a year old then it will happen very soon. maybe try doing bouncing excercises with your baby to strengthen his legs. i hopei helped

Anukriti - posted on 06/05/2009




My son will be a year old this month and has been doing the same thing. We thought he would start walking around 9 - 10 months, but he prefers to crawl or walk with support. I'm told by friends and family that it is normal and that he will walk sooner or later.

Melissa - posted on 06/05/2009




Mine also is making a yr next weekend and he walks while holding my finger. As soon as I take my finger away he stops walking and sits down. I too have been worried, but everyone tells me every baby is different. My 3 nieces that are his age or younger have all started already, but like someone said we can't compare. It's hard not too though.

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Every child is son started at 14 months...while my daughter just took her first steps 2 days ago..she's 11 months. When he's ready...he'll do it. By the way, my niece moved on her bum and refused to walk until 1.5 years...she's a healthy 7 year old now.

Amy - posted on 06/03/2009




I think all babies walk on their toes it seems normal to me! My little guy won't walk either. He will do it when he is ready!

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My daughter is the same way! She'll be 1 next weekend and will NOT walk. She knows how (she'll take about 2 steps then hurries to sit again) and she's certainly strong enough but she just won't do it! I am convinced it's because she's waiting till she feels confident she can do it perfectly. Two of my other kids were walking at 9.5 months and the oldest was 11 but I won't be surprised at all if my youngest waits till she's 14-16. She's just happy being the baby and having everyone carry her around.

Gillian - posted on 06/03/2009




DO NOT WORRY the average age is 14 months, they say its to do with the inner ear which is all about balance if its not ready then they can't balance! If by 18 months hes not walking then maybe look into why.

Melinda - posted on 06/02/2009




My sister's daughter also started walking at around 15 months, and believe me, her legs were strong enough. She just didn't really care to walk, and she knew how! Every kid is so different so you just can't compare your son to other kids his age. He will walk eventually so don't worry just yet!

Rasheda - posted on 06/01/2009




not to worry! my friends son did not start to walk until he was 15 months. he will when he is ready and his legs are strong enough

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