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Hey yall! Im new to circle of moms! Im a mother of one to a sweet babygirl! I would really love to know since are kids were born around the same time, what neat things are they learning to do? Or maybe what are they having trouble with? Since Im a first time mom Im new to all of this, but my daughter only says about 6 or 7 words. Is that good or bad?


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Hi Andrea and welcome to circle of moms hope you find some great info and advice on the site. I too have a bubby girl - born June 17th 2008.

I am not however a 1st time mum I have 3 others also girls so know a thing all two but still learning as they are all different. My littlest is a climber she climbes everything from ladders left outside to bunk beds and cupboards she is a monkey who likes to swing from things.

We are trying to toilet train but not with much success but it will come and she can say quite a few words with short sentences such as "I go outside" "Wee wee in the potty" "I love you" and "Daddy at work" and the new one "I cake"(My 6 year old and I had made patty cakes and she wanted one so she said that). She also responds to Ellie want a bottle "Yes" Ellie want to go to bed "Yep"

I talk to her all the time and tell her exactly what we are doing eg. Mummy is getting 2 eggs.. One, two eggs out for dinner, time to get in your car seat to pick up the girls from school etc so she knows what is going on if we go walking I say what can you see Ellie and she will point at things and I say the word a couple of time eg thats a tree Ella can you say t t tree I think this all helps with her learning.

If you are at all concerned about your little one maybe join a play group or something but never compare yours to others they all so very different and will learn what they need to when the time comes. Best of luck my dear

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