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My name is Mary, I have a 6 year old who was a preemie born at 25 wks and I have a 40+ weeker born June 2008---I am also expecting our 3rd child at the end of Aug---glutton for punishment :))) We live in Sydney Australia, but I am from the southwestern part of Virginia. Ive been in OZ for 11 years, met my husband on the internet.

My 11 month old is named Zackary he is doing wonderful. He has his 6th tooth coming in, and a few more ready to break the gums. He has been walking since 2 days past Easter, he jabbers NONSTOP :) and loves getting into whatever his big brother is doing. His favorite word is NO NO NO, because of course he hears that SOOO much. He loves his banana's and when I pick them up in the grocery store NANANANANANA echos off the walls he yells so loud!!

Only complaint I have is he is still not sleeping through the night. He has never been a great sleeper, daytime naps average 45 minutes---but over the past week have extended to 2 hours which I dont complain cause I nap those 2 hours away also. He is exhausted by 7:30 and has to go to sleep. He sleeps til 1:30ish then wakes, I offer him just a drink of water and lay him back down and he goes straight back to sleep until 4:30-5 then hes screaming his head off. I have tried to let him cry out the first wake up call I get but that turned into a screaming that lasted 45 mins-2 hours for 3 weeks. He eats 3 meals, has 2-3 snacks a day plus 3 9 oz bottles and water/juice in a sippy cup whenever he wants during the day. He has dinner about 5:30-6 then a 9 oz bottle at 7 before going to bed. (Not to mention all the bits of things he finds to put in his mouth during the day--pages of books, fluff off toys, any bit of anything he can find---he's like a goat :))) ) He has never slept through the night------our first child was a great sleeper. Any advice from anyone??? I really want him sleeping in the next 2 months before #3 arrives!!!!

I look forward to becoming part of this board and getting to know you and your kiddos!! :)



Melinda - posted on 06/03/2009




Welcome to the board. My son's name is also Zachary (spelled differenly but who cares). Amazing that you are going to be on baby #3 so soon! My husband is having trouble with even the idea of us starting to try again for our second child in a few months.

I wish I had some good advice on the sleeping issue, but normally I just tell peopee to let their kids cry it out. It seems you have already tried that and your son will go up to 2 hours crying in his crib. Does he eventually fall back asleep, even after the 2 hours?

Good luck and I hope you are feeling good!

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