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OK, I know I am new at this but all of a sudden my 6 mo old who is still breastfeeding and getting 3 meals a day on solids....is having real poops! I mean little hard guys. This freaks me out but it must be normal right? Things are just working properly? You'd think I'd actually prefer this to messy breast milk poos. Anyone else experiencing this?


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Michelle - posted on 12/31/2008




Camy, we started seeing solid poops when we started cereal...specifically rice cereal. I have noticed with the "mixed grains" she goes less often and it's super runny/messy. My daughter has been formula fed from day one and was usually constipated! Our pediatrician had us using prune or pear juice 2-4 oz per day which helped a bit but she sometimes still screamed bloody murder with bm's. We started with rice cereal at 6 months, two feedings a day, additionally adding a fruit in the morning and a veggie during the evening feeding. LIFE has been great, she is now a consistent 1-2 times a day and a much happier baby :) I have also noticed prunes or pears tend to soften things up...lol. Good luck, hopefully this helped.

Sara - posted on 12/31/2008




same situation w/ my son breastfeeding and getting 3 meals/d w/ solids...his poops have definitely gotten more...solid. My husband claims he changed a diaper that had a solid, hard poop, but I didn't see that one. But anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that I do think it's normal that the poop gets more and more solid. Sounds like your little one's digestion is right on track!

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