2 days from due date and in labor, just not dilated enough to be admitted!!

Kendel - posted on 06/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 2 days from my due date, June 30th. I have been having contractions for a week and I thought I was in active labor last night. I was having contractions every 5 mins and they were about a min to 1 and a half. So we went in, they said yes you are in labor but we cant admit you until your 4 cm, so they told me to go on a long walk, basically to walk for like 2 hours or so. Which I have been doing for a week now, everyday I go on a long walk because I'm ready for this to be over!! I've also been trying Old Wives tales, which I know thats all they are, just figured hey if it might work, it might work!! Just wondering if anyone else has any tips that may help get me there quicker!! Ive already lost my plug, I'm walking alot, trying to stay active when I have the energy too and of course sex because they say it helps with softening my cervix. So anybody else have any ideas or tips that could help I would like to hear them!!! PLEASE!!! lol


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Nicole - posted on 07/01/2009




The last few days are rough, that's for sure! This may be unnecessary now but I'll reply anyway. The baby will come when it's ready. You're still 2 days away from your due date so technically you could go another 2 weeks. Not a thought to relish... Aside from walking, sex I drank raspberry leaf tea (about 4 cups a day) and took evening primrose oil capsules (2 a day, 1 in the AM, 1 in the PM). The tea helps to tone your uterus and help with the labor process - not to induce you - and helps after the birth with bleeding, getting your uterus back down to size. The evening primrose oil has prostaglandins in it which is what softens your cervix (same thing in semen). Doesn't necessarily induce. But if you're on the brink of 4cm it may help to push you over "the edge." Good luck!

Tiffany - posted on 06/30/2009




I'm in the exact same situation just about.. Im due today aswell, and I lost my plug about 3.5 weeks ago. I went to the hospital two nights ago because i was feeling pains, and strange movement.. They sent me home and told me to come in when i start feeling harsher contractions.. I've been trying just about everything to get this baby to come out, but nothing has worked so far :(

..I've also been going for walks every single night for the past month and a half; and still; nothing! Try swinging on swings for a while, I was told this helps!!

Good luck!! hope everything goes well.. and SOON! :D

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