36 wks and measuring 38 wks

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i have been measuring 2 weeks ahead since they started measuring me at my 12 wk scan they already put my due date 2 weeks futher on then we thought, my midwife is very supportive and says the baby is a good size (but what is a good size?) i dont want to have to larger baby do you think its possible to get labour started earlier naturally? or should i just wait until my due date or when this one decides to come on its own? im worried that at term 40 wks ill measure 42 wks before they start to think about inducing me.


Nicole - posted on 06/03/2009




Hi Samantha, remember your due date is an estimate. With that said, maybe since you've been measuring consistently two weeks over, your due date is actually earlier than what they first said? Even though you mentioned they pushed it farther back, in which case their 40 weeks would be your 42 weeks, if that makes sense. And chances are you'd have a baby by then and not have to worry about an induction!

I'd say a good size would be in the 8lb range? But I'm guessing. I have big babies - first 8lbs, 7oz and second was 10lbs, 9oz. And for comparison I've measured right on with this 3rd pregnancy and didn't start measuring large until 34 weeks. I'm now 38 weeks, measuring 41. And I believe I'm right in saying that most babies stay relatively close in size until a certain point in the third trimester when babies who will be larger will start getting bigger, compared to their smaller "peers."

On a personal note, spontaneous labor was so much easier for me than an induction. But my doctor can offer an induction without medical cause for one once I'm 39 weeks so maybe it's something you can talk about with your midwife. And finally, try to trust that your body can deliver a bigger baby. It might surprise you and end up being an average size - you just never know! Good luck!

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