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Julie - posted on 03/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Has anybody else not started the search for daycare? I need to and I know I do, but I'm scared to death of the whole idea and worry I won't pick the right place. Anyone have tips on how to search? I feel funny calling someone to say "let me grill you with this list of 30 things I found to ask you about on the internet to make sure you won't hurt my little girl".


Randi - posted on 03/02/2009




It's a challenge but you'll do fine! I run my own day care so I have been on both sides of the interview before. I would recommend a younger person because it seems like the older "Grandma" type doesn't have the energy to interact with the kids as they get older. Think long term so you don't have to search again. Right now, the sitter will only need to know how to change a diaper, give a bottle and the basics. But what can they offer later in your childs life? Are they willing and able to work on ABC's, 123's, potty training etc and still have the drive to take them outside to run and play?

Oh, also, you should ask if they plan on doing errands with your child. A few months ago I got off work about 10 minutes early so went to pick up my kids (at the time they were not quite 3 years old and 9 months old) .  I got there to find no one was home. The lady who was watching them, drove in minutes later with 5 of the daycare kids crammed in the back of a 5 passenger car and the sixth (who was the oldest at 3 years old) in the front seat. No car seats not even for the my 9 month old! She said she had an emergency and had to run an errand. I was dumb and let it slide. Then about a month later my husband went to pick them up early again and the same thing! By then my oldest was talking in sentences pretty well and told us that they went to do errands often. This included dr. appts, and Wal Mart. In the end, this caused me to become a stay at home mom and watch kids at my house. I occasionally will take the kids some where like the library or something for THEM but I also have car seats for each child and let the parents know before we go any were.

There are good daycare/childcares out there. Just go with your gut and you will be fine! Good luck!

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