HELP!!! My 14 month old screams at our feet!

Trisha - posted on 08/29/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im a daycare worker fulltime and my daughter is now in the tot room meaning she dosen't get to c me or her daddy all day....the problem is she screams and cries at our feet at night and on weekends for us to hold her when we r cooking dinner and trying to just generally do things! We play w her its just when is enuff enuff? This morning i tried to have us ignore her (treating it like a tantrum) and she just got beside her self upset.....i NEED suggestions! Im 6 months preg w my second baby girl and if this continues it will be super hard to manage a spoiled baby girl w a newborn baby girl who will need alot of our attention. How can i approach this diffrently?


Bridget - posted on 09/13/2010




Hi Trisha, have you tried putting her in her highchair and pretending she is 'helping' you cook - even give her some dishes and food for her to play with. My little one does this on days he is at daycare and I think it is perfectly normal and shows how strong a bond she has with you. My little man now 'helps' me with everything around the house (yes sometimes he can create more mess than help but he is so happy he is helping) - putting the clothes in the washing machine, changing the beds, cleaning the floors, you name it! It took him a little while but now he follows me everywhere and is happy and cheerful rather than screaming to be picked up! Good luck!!

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