11 month old does not like eating at all!

Priyanka - posted on 05/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 11 months and since her 10th month, she just doesn't like to eat! She has no teeth but Ive still been giving her semi solids and she used to eat it well. Now, its just 2 spoons of cereal and that's it - she brings the whole house down! Should I see a doc or is this just normal. She is an active baby otherwise!


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Christina - posted on 05/21/2010




my son is 11months old also very active... hes a very picky eater but heres a few things that dont required much chewing just a little mushing that he LOVES...also if she wants to feed herself and is capable let her b/c my son wants to feed himself everything all the time...goldfish crackers, cheese slices(very thin and short) , ranch flavored crackers, mashed potatoes, soft crust pizza, insides of a pickle (i just eat the ouside hard part off lol), im not sure if any of this will help but this is what i did with my little man. :) Good Luck!

Emma - posted on 05/21/2010




When my son gets fussy at meal times, its either because his mouth is in pain from teething or he wants to self feed. Thats when I switch things up and give him something he can eat on his own.

Seeing that your daughter doesn't have teeth yet you could still give her a teething/cereal cookie. Farley makes an excellent one that dissolves on her toungue but would allow her to be independant and self feed. There are tons of foods you can give her to self feed with, like Gerber graduate Puffs, small pieces of fruit; banana, pear; soft toast with a small amount of margarine. From here you can move her to some harder foods as even a baby with teeth use their gums to "chew" food for swallowing.

And as Elizabeth said, check her mouth for bumps as she could be getting ready to cut a tooth. And if it is there, I stand by Motrin as well. It helps with the inflammation of the gums, the actual pain that comes with it etc.

Griselda - posted on 05/20/2010




Your daughter may be ready for finger foods and table foods. Start giving her finger foods it's very possible that she wants to self-feed now.
Offer her cut up steamed veggies, cheerios, pieces of meat/chicken, cheese, pasta/noodles, fruit. I bet that will entice her to eat.
You can certainly call the pediatrician for advice but I think you should attempt finger food/table food first.

Best of luck!

Elizabeth - posted on 05/20/2010




Try offering pain reliever and a little later feeding her. Her mouth may be hurting, especially if she doesn't have any teeth yet. Do you feel bumps in her mouth, like the teeth are right there? When my daughter is cutting a tooth, she refuses all solid foods, sometimes for a week or more. By making sure she has Motrin, she is much happier baby, and eats normally. Talk to your doctor if you don't know your child's dose, they can tell you based on their weight.

Think of it like this, how much do you feel like eating after getting a filling or major dental work done at the dentist? You can also offer her finger foods like crackers, or cereal. Even with gums, they can chew. It just needs to be food her gums can chew and her saliva can break down. Puffs are another popular option. My daughter only has 2 teeth on the bottom, but she likes Nutrigrain bars, cookies, bananas, apples with no peeling, canned fruit, canned veggies, rotiserrie chicken pieces (or other slow cooked meat so it's very soft), even peanut butter sandwiches (creamy, not crunchy) without the crust.

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