8 month old screams before bed time ? we have to pat him till he is in a deep sleep


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Tiffany - posted on 02/17/2010




thank you both for your support... Bridget my little one sucks his thumb letting us know its time for bed and Avery even though we hold him and try to nurse him to sleep he still screams and pushes us away. we bring him into our room and he laughs and smiles as if he got his way. if we leave him cry he almost makes himself sick. tried giving him something 'new' Bridget but he is not interested, as soon as we walk out of him room he stands up in his cot and screams looking at the door, last night we tried cuddles for longer then usual but he just wanted to play and even though he can be so tired almost asleep, we put him in his bed and he will cry..... we'v even taken him to the doctors ! they said he was fine prob just a stage he is going through but its been 2 weeks now and im stressed !
i cant understand why he does this because he is naturally a really good child he never cries and he is always happy he will sit and play for hours ! everyone i know including our GP says he is a very advanced child... he tries to walk even though hes a long way off yet. he says mum, dad, bub, nanna. bye bye, ta, no. he growls at us if we are rousing on him ( its so cute ) and hard to resist rousing on him. he is such a beautiful and well behaved child and im not just saying this because he is my own but iv never seen another child like him.
i had a bad pregnancy and was very sick with high and low blood pressure and my sugar levels were all over the place. i was not allowed to drive for a few months because i was fainting. all this and more while working fulltime in a childcare centre chasing after kids all day everyday. i went into labour at 28 weeks but the hospital stopped the labour and i ended up having him at exactly 41 weeks, during the ealry 28 week labour i had 2 shots of steroids for his lungs incase he came early and incase they had to rush me to townsville to have him because i was life threatning bleeding both me and him could have died. i was told to stop working and i did but only for a week due to being very bored at home because i am naturally an active person and like every soon to be family we needed the money. i only worked til 38 weeks because i was so big and so swollen all over i could hardly move.
i had a good labour, was only 10 hours and i watched it all in a mirror thanx to my great support people and the doctors were excellent ! had an over night stay in hospital then was allowed home :)

Bridget - posted on 02/16/2010




Hi Tiffany, you are not alone!! My little one is 8 months and has started crying before his bed times now as well. He usually loves going to sleep - even telling me when he is ready by sucking his thumb! Now, forget about it! He cries as soon as I lay him down - even in my arms. The only thing I can put it down to is teething as he doesn't want to suck his thumb anymore as it must hurt! Alternatively it could be separation anxiety as that seems to flare up at around 8 months. The only ways I seem to get my little one to calm down now in bed is by giving him something new and exciting to play with (like my mobile phone - locked ofcourse otherwise who knows who he'd end up ringing). He is so distracted by this new toy that he lets me put him down, tuck him in, kiss him goodnight and leave the room. After his usual play he then settles down and falls asleep. If you can rule out any issues like teething or separation anxiety then keep going with what you are doing as it may just be a faze and he will go back to his normal sleep routine shortly, otherwise more cuddles and a new sleep routine for a few days might be needed (but remember they create associations after 3 days) until he gets back to his normal routine.
Good luck and I hope your little one starts being a happy sleeper soon!

Avery - posted on 02/16/2010




Hey tiffany,

I dont know if anyone has encouraged this but if your baby eats solid foods, in the evening start a schedule of feeding them solid foods in a high chair til they cant eat anymore. Make sure the noise level is low or silent and keep everything calm and non stimulating. Then give your baby a bath with aveeno's or whoevers lavender wash. People always told me it works to calm babies down and im telling you it really does!

Depending on if you breast feed or feed formula make sure a bottle is ready for after you have gotten them ready for bed so you can feed them right before you lay them down but make sure and hold them and cuddle them before they go to bed. It helps them feel secure when they go to bed. That could be a possible reason why he cries, especially if you just pat him in his crib, he could be crying because he wants to fall asleep on you. I dont know because I am not there but keep in mind security, schedule, silence adds up to a better nights rest for your little one and possibly and easier way to get them down as well.

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