Any June 09 Boys difficult to potty train?

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Having the hardest time with my son. He'll be 3 June 1st. When he was 24 mos we bought him his own "Cheer for me Potty" and he was interested, would sit on it, and tell me when he went potty and what not. Would have been the golden opportunity to potty train. Unfortunately at the time I was working two jobs, cutting off the "binky", and we were moving. There was so much going on it didn't seem right to throw in potty training. Now that the binky has been gone, we've been here almost a year, and I only work one day a week, it would seem to be a good time, but now he has absolutely no interest in learning. First, we got the pull ups that get cold when he goes, but it doesn't phase him. A friend told me to go "cold turkey" and go right to underwear. So we went to the store, he picked out his own Toy Story underwear, and he loves to wear them, but again, if he goes potty in it he won't tell me a good portion of the time. I bought him his very own box of potty wipes that he can decorate with stickers. I could barely get him in the bathroom to even sit on the toilet to offer him treats for going. I moved the potty in the living room for a more comfortable setting and he;ll sit on it, but after a while he starts begging for a diaper. Daddy shows him how to go and that he wears underwear. I try not to force him but I feel he's reaching that age where it's really time to get cracking on this. Any other tips? Thanks!


Tracey - posted on 05/04/2012




I have figured this out! We have gone through much the same experience with Hayden (he'll be 3 in June). We were so ready for him to be out of diapers and have been trying to potty train for over a year sporadically. We have been stressing about him being a big boy now and that only babies poop in their diapers. Tough love, you know? Every single time, he would go and hide and poop! No matter how much we talked to him, nothing worked. Frustrating!

However, just this week, he told my husband that he didn't want to be a baby and wanted to go in the potty. So, John took his diaper off, but left his pants on him and put the potty in the living room. Next thing you know, John was in the other room and Hayden called daddy and said, "I'm pooping!" He had went and sat on the potty all by himself and went. Ever since then, he has been going on the potty with or without us being right there.

So, I have come to the conclusion that we shouldn't push them to do it. I wanted him to do it when I was ready, but he wasn't ready yet. Just keep emphasizing how he's getting to be a big boy and how proud we would be if he did it. I honestly can't believe how easy it actually was when we let him decide when he was ready.


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Nthabiseng - posted on 08/07/2012




My first now 6 gave me a struggle she stopped having those accidents around 4...but my son just before the age of 2 he didn't want napping,I would find them under his bed behind what I'm saying just be there,incourage him but don't force the issue it will happen

Samantha - posted on 05/20/2012




3 weeks ago I would be typing the same post!!! My boy is 3 on the 20th June. I was feeling the pressure of his birthday dooming and being nowhere with potty training! For two weeks I put him in pants and t shirt in the house in the mornings, potty in the lounge where he plays. Hes goes to Nursery in the afternoons so nappy would go back on and through the night. Then 3 weeks ago I decided just to go for it. When he woke up we would fight to have pants on but nappy did not go back on until bedtime. I stayed in the house for the first two days (weekend) and it was horrendous. I asked him constantly if he needed the potty, he would say no, then just go in his pants. So frustrating!! I then tried putting him on the potty every hour. My son is very very stubborn and independent so I bribed him with games, snacks etc to get him to let me physically put him on potty. This stopped the accidents for one or two days. The more he wore pants all day (and i didnt give in) and the more places we went in pants; shops, nursery, the more relaxed I became and he started doing it alone. He got the feeling of needing a wee really quick...within 3 days. Poo ... 5 days. Now its been 3 weeks 1 day and he has not had an accident for 2 weeks!! and tonight is the 1st night he is in pants at night!! I am prepared for a few broken nights sleep but i will stick at it like i have done during the day.
I was 100% out of my depth with potty training and found the first 4 days so so stressful. But keep it up and children adapt so quickly! Keep lots of spare clothes on you at all times. We also have the potty in a bag as our new accessory every where we go!
So glad i stuck at it. Good luck hope your little man surprises you too!! :)

Rowan - posted on 05/04/2012




You can't force him, some boys don't train until they are nearly 5. :) Relax. He WILL go eventually. My son is 3 June 4th and although he is positive about it, he does not yet understand the feelings he gets when he needs to go. I assume he is physically not ready yet, all kids are different and they get there in their own time.

I don't believe pressure and stress about it would be productive; gadgets and flashing lights won't make him ready. :)

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All that you said you were doing trust I understand I was working 1 full time and another part-time, going to school full time moving, and a single mom. As for binky i did not even allow that and I cut him off from his sippy cup at 12 mths. Been using a cup since 12 mths cus I was sick of buying a new one everytime he lost his. I started with only underwear on weekends then asked the daycare to stop putting pull ups on him. Considering yes, he will pee in them if you have them on him but if he has underwear on he would not.

Dominique - posted on 04/13/2012




A lil at first but now he's 100% fully potty traned of course all kids have an accident every once in a while. Ususally it's becuase they are too busy playing and don't want to leave their friends but you have to step in and take them before an accident happens.

1.Put on potty every morning when getting out of bed(only put underwear during the day-if he's with you)

2.15minutes after eating or drinking

3. After a bath idk why but they always have to pee smh

4.Consistency is must take a travel seat potty($8 at walmart) and lysol wipes w/you every here(until they are potty trained)

5. He's a boy let him pee outside(idk why but it motivates them to be free n wiz outside lol

6.Consistency pon't allow ppl to put him in pull ups he's in underwear for a reason(If he pees just wash them it's ok)


7. Have him watch a man pee standing up after he can at least reach his part to the seat

Be patient he'll get it

Good Luck it will be fun just remind him when he's out in public even if he has not ate or drank every hour until he has it down packed

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