Anyone else have a "mean" baby??? Help!

Jennifer - posted on 03/24/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son will be 10 months old soon and for the last few weeks he has been a real meanie! He constantly tries to smack, scratch, pinch and bite me(the biting I think is due to his teething). I tell him no when he does these things but he is still to young to discipline. The thing is he does it to be mean. Sometimes he'll be mean when he's tired or aggravated but sometimes he does it just to do it like in the middle of story time or playing hide and seek. Is anyone else having this issue? Is so how are you dealing with it. I don't want an angry, mean baby. Please help!


Amber - posted on 03/24/2010




My baby is mean also she'll ball her fist up and yell at me lol she's nine months... pay close attention to him for awhile and figure out his favorite things. things that will stop him in his tracks ex: my daughter will be crawlin around lalala doin her thing and i can start singin patty cake and she'll stop dead in her tracks and smile and clap :) it's the cutest !! i was changin her diaper which is where she gets really aggravated and she kept pushin me and pullin away yellin at me god knows what she was sayin?! i was gettin frustrated tellin her no, quit , do u wanna go bye bye lets get your clothes on an we'll go see mama which usually works but of course didn't so i started singin patty cake aha!! she laid down smiled and started clappin yay!! lol anyways what i'm tryin to say is find songs or anything that you know he loves to do or have or whatever the most and try to distract and use fun to get his mind off of what he is doin wrong or about to do ..maybe he needs a more excitng story or u to put a little more animation into ur story read in funny voices an make funny faces surprise him on surprising parts just try to exaggerate ur fun goofy side make everything fun and he might learn to be that way all the time .Good Luck!

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