Baby seems to have type A personality

Carmen - posted on 01/04/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have read a lot about the blogs on sleep issues, I too am a stay at home mom and usually rock my baby boy to sleep or walk around until he falls asleep. I have tried the cry it out method and it only seems to make him more angry. Sometimes I let him cry it out until he gets a little more tired so then it is easier to rock him to sleep. He just fights sleep all the time but then gets really angry when he is overtired. He has never slept much during the day. At night he usually goes to sleep about 7 or 7:30 and sleeps until 4:30 then takes a bottle and sleeps until 6:00. For the past two nights he has been waking up at about 2:30 off and on until 6:00. I still give him a bottle if he won't go back to sleep. I think it is just teething since he normally sleeps until 4:30 before waking.

He turned 6 months on Dec 23rd and he just started to kind of grunt until his face is red like he is really angry. I don't know sometimes what makes him so angry. I try to distract him when he gets this way and always make sure he is fed, diaper changed but he just seems to have such a strong personality. He had colic for about 4 1/2 months and things got better but he still throws quite a few tantrums. I always held him through his colic because I felt so bad for him and nothing seemed to help.

I think it is harder for stay at home moms because their babies are with them all day so of course they are use to being tended to all the time. I'm a first time mom so I'm still learning. I will keep trying the cry it out method because he fights me still when I even hold him and he is 18 lbs so he is getter harder to handle. He cried for about 20-25 mins today and finally fell asleep. I went back in at 10 min each time to give him his pacifier.

I just need a little support. I feel bad letting him cry it out but I know that he fights no matter what and its getting harder since he is getting bigger.


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Kerri-Ann - posted on 01/30/2010




Letting him cry is hard but sometimes it needs to be done. I always put my son to sleep in my arms before putting him down and what was happening is he would instantly wake up as soon as his head hit the mattress! He wouldn't sleep unless he was in my arms, some nights it would take two hours to get hime to go to bed. I had enough and finally let him cry it out and within three nights there was no more fighting to put him down, he now goes down without waking up and sleep for 11 to 12 hours every night.

Sian - posted on 01/29/2010




my little girl was exactly the same. i then started giving her a dream feed at ten which is where i go in and feed her while she is sleeping. during the day and bed time i too used to rock her to sleep, but it just wasnt fair on me so i now put her down in her cot with her mobile on her dummy and comforter. i go in there after five mins and give her dummy back and walk back out then six minutes later do the same the seven and so on. it is really hard to listen to them crying but my litlle girl now goes down without crying. she also throws tantrums during the day so if i am holding her i put her on the floor and tell her no and she is starting to understand that now. just be really consistent i no it is really hard but i hope it works.

Mandy - posted on 01/19/2010




I just went through a similar situation. At 6 1/2 months my baby was up every 2 to 3 hours a night drinking a few ounces at a time and refusing naps. Everyone who is around him comments that they have never seen a baby fight sleep like him. Anyway, I let this go on for so long because he was colic and I felt awful for him! He also had problems swallowing so all his food had to be thickened. And to top it off he has reflux and is on Pepcid and has a milk protein allergy and is on special formula.

After the new year I finally decided that I wasn't helping him any by letting this continue. I read somewhere that teaching babies to fall asleep on their own will help them as they get bigger to fall asleep easier when they wake up in the middle of the night. I made a spreadsheet and kept track of the time I laid him down, the time he fell asleep, and the time he woke up. I also kept track of when he was eating and how much. The 1st day was AWFUL! I cried all day but my husband encouraged me to stick with it. The 2nd day was better but the 3rd again was awful! By day 7 I realized that the sleep training was over!!! I also realized that waiting for him to "tell" me when he is tired doesn't work because he throws "tantrums" if he doesn't get enough sleep. Every 3 hours during the day I put his Halo sleep sack on, turn on his fan, turn on his mobile, kiss him, tell him I love him, and lay him down. I know this sounds crazy but I also have about 12 pacifiers in his bed. That way if he loses one he can find another (Works like a charm!) For bedtime, we give him a bath before we due the other "routine" (Sleep sack, etc). At bedtime, I also offer him a bottle before I lay him down. Most of the time he doesn't take it but will wake up an hour or 2 later for a bottle. I feed him at that time to get his tummy full and then I do not offer him another bottle if he wakes up unless it has been at least 5 hours. (I'm not ready to not feed him during the night because of his eating problems at this point!)

Sooooo...the end result: Sometime he whines when I lay him down but rarely cries. Usually he is asleep within 10 minutes but no longer than 20. His naps are not as long as I would like but we are still working on that! He will play in his crib (with all his pacifiers) for a long time after he wakes up without crying. For example, this morning he woke up at 6:30am but played until 7am. He started falling back to sleep at 7 but I got him up because I didn't want his schedule to be too off!!! And last night he slept for 9 hours straight!!!! (which is HUGE for him!)

My advice to you....pick a method of "sleep training" and STICK WITH IT!!! If you don't it will mess up your baby worse!!! Most importantly...don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing or it won't work!!!

Would love to hear how it's going! Good Luck!

Patricia - posted on 01/18/2010




Our son sleeps from about 8 to 7:30 in the morning. I finally got tired of being tired all the time and read a book called Parent Power. It talked about putting a baby to sleep. It said to let your baby cry it out to an extent. You are suppose to let your baby cry it out but go in there room every 15 min. so they know you aren't just ignoring them. You could then put the pacifier back in their mouth, rub their back alittle, but that you shouldn't pick them up. We did that for about a week and he would cry for almost an hour and a half. I wont lie, it was really hard! It was worth it though. He sleeps so well now. And naps are great! I am a stay at home mom too and I understand how hard it is. Hope this helps.

Lauralea - posted on 01/04/2010




My little boy does the same thing - like he is so angry he could explode! I think I know where he gets it though... LOL! But, I think that when he is that angry he won't be able to fall asleep or settle himself. It took me a few months to get my baby to sleep in his crib well. First we got a really cool mobile and now he talks to it when he is falling asleep and when he wakes up evenif it is not running. In the beginning at bed/nap time I would lay him down awake and listen to the screaming. I would then go in every 5 minutes and soothe him. Sometimes I had to pick him up for about a minute and sometimes I could just rub his tummy and talk to him. But, I kept up with putting him back in the crib. It did take awhile and lots of patience but it was so worth it. Now he goes to sleep easily. I lay him down still awake, he makes two tiny cries and then turns his head to watch the mobile and drift off into sleepy-land. Be patient and persistent. You can do it. It is so hard to hear your baby cry. I had to set the oven timer because 1 minute felt like 5! I think it will get harder as he gets older. Good luck! Hang in there mommy.

Nicole - posted on 01/04/2010




Your little guy and mine have the same birthday! I could/can never get Rhys to sleep without nursing him. I still nurse him to sleep but I stop just before he's asleep and put him to bed almost alseep. My goal is to be able to put him to bed awake but sleepy but I'm sure that will take some time. I'm Canadian and we have a full year of maternity leave so I'm enjoying this time with my little guy. I couldn't imagine working and doing all this!! Try feeding him how you think he needs to feed, you know him best! I have my guy on a bedtime schedule. Dinner at 5:00pm, quiet playtime until 6:00pm then a bath, read a little story and then I nurse him until he's alseep or just about. Usually he's asleep by 7:00pm and sleeps the night, occasionally waking for a feeding. I tried to get him to sleep on a schedule and putting him to bed sleepy but he just screamed. I tried the timing thing that you talked about but ended up crying with him eventually. I then just decided to do what works best for us that we'd figure things out eventually. Low and behold he has made his own schedule! He naps after meals, easier now that he eats solid foods. Just watch and wait to see what works best for you and him, every baby is different. Good luck!

Sarah - posted on 01/04/2010




i dont know if it will work for you but i allways got told to try not to give them a bottle at night if they may not be hungry as they will start to expect it, my lil one started waking up and i gave her a bottle as it was so much easier to get her back to sleep but then started giving her some juice when she woke instead, she soon went back to sleep realising it wasnt food and stopped waking up. your lil boy sounds jus like mine was but she got better started sleeping when she was tired (allthough still has a screaming fit every now and then ) but it does get better. i tried the crying out thing but it made her more angry and cry more and made her harder to settle, its hard not knowing what to do and i know its hard being a stay at home mum with no adult conversation and a screaming baby, why not go for a walk? the fresh air will be good for you and should get your son to sleep. i hope this helps a little.

Amanda - posted on 01/04/2010




I really feel for you Carmen - hearing your baby cry like that is enough to break your heart. Sounds like your little boy is definately teething on top of being overtired. We did a lot of research into controlled comforting & the camp out method when we decided to start a bedtime routine. We picked controlled comforting because me sitting in the room with her, only made her more upset. It's hard for your baby to understand why your putting him to bed to fall asleep when he's used to being rocked to sleep in your arms. My little girl threw a full blown red-headed hissy fit the first couple of nights & I nearly gave in! I couldn't wait 10 minutes though, so we worked up from 2 minute to 5 minute intervals & it's working like a charm. I use the same method for day time naps. Maybe his grunting is just him experimenting with different expressions? Keep up with your bedtime routine, it may be hard now - but imagine what it would be like trying to start it later! Good luck

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