baby wont eat textured foods

Lanabreanne - posted on 02/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi! my son is 8.5 months old. He will not eat anything except for baby food - stage 1 stuff. He also "Eats" toast and crackers. I dont think he actually gets much in his mouth. I tried making my own baby food (sweet potatoes cuz that is his favorite) and he wont eat it cuz it is not as smooth. He wont eat any meat. He eats his cereal really lumpy and does not care about that! he also loves his bottle, and would drink 6 a day if i would let him.
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the lumpy phobia. A few times he gagged so hard he vomitted.....


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Carmen - posted on 02/25/2010




My son is the same way. He just turned 8 months on the 23rd. This week he won't even eat his cereal which he loved before. Not sure if he is working on some more teeth. I have started to try finger foods instead of lumpy purees and some stuff he seems interested in trying to feed himself. I tried sweet pot. fries but he didn't eat much, peas also didn't eat much, banana bits and those gerber puffs which he now likes to put in his mouth. He drops a lot of it still. Lately I have been giving him bean stew and chicken soup pureed, applesauce, yobaby yogurt and sometimes bananas when he will eat them. He seems so picky so I'm having a hard time getting him to eat much. I would keep trying the finger foods. I think a lot of babies don't like the pureed with chunks but finger foods work better. Good Luck

Melissa - posted on 02/25/2010




My daughter is VERY picky about the food she eats and is almost 8 months old. I breastfeed her and up until recently I could barely get her to eat a couple spoon fulls before she would smack it away and just want my milk. She also hates fruit and meat (except for sweet potatoes/turkey in a jar) and will gag herself because she refuses to swallow it (sometimes making herself throw up) so I have sneakily mix it in with her cereal and veggies haha. I started sleep training with her about a week ago to wean the night feeds and ever since I did that she eats a LOT more cereal and food. It's weird, but it worked. I don't know if you son sleeps through the night yet or not but I would definitely try mixing it in with his cereal since he doesn't mind the lumpiness of that. I can only do it that way with my daughter because she doesn't like plain cereal. Good luck to you Lana!

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Have you tried putting the "lumpy" stuff on his tray and letting him play? Maybe put the stuff he likes on there along with something new and see what he does. Or maybe mix a little lumpy with his stage 1 food and increase it a little at a time?? I've never had to deal with this but it's what I would try if I did. Good Luck!!!

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