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PLEASE HELP my baby is colic what should i do? im breastfeeding is that some things i should stay away from? please help i dont want my baby to hurt or cry so much.


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My daughter is on formula. She cried for the first two months starting 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm. I gave her gripe water and switched bottles to Dr. Browns bottles. I noticed the change within 2 weeks. Now she spends time playing in the evening.

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If you are more into natural remedies, try swaddling (this worked amazing with my sons!), cradle your baby in your arms on the left side and rock him/her. Try white noise...the vaccume, dryer, or blow dryer work great. Another idea to ease a colicy baby is to BF in the bathtub. Make sure the water is not too hot and you have help to get your baby out when done. This is an excellent bonding time for the two of you, and the sucking is also calming to baby. Skin to skin contact is also bonding.

The idea behind all the remedies above are because it takes roughly 9 months to get used to being outside of the womb. All of the above are what they are used to inside the womb, and it does help. More ideas can be found at

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I am formula feeding my 8 week old but he has had colic since about 3 weeks old. I use Brauers Colic Relief - it is a natural remedy and I find that a dose around 6pm feed and then at 10pm feed seems to keep it under control and when he has a bad day then I just give him an extra dose. Also my GP has recommended a natural remedy which the hospital in Adelaide makes up containing rhubarb. I havent tried this yet but might give it a go.

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I had the same problem with my first four years ago. I stopped breast feeding and put him on Soy formula against the doctors advise. He stopped crying in three days. I then breastfed my second son two years ago with the same results of crying inthe evening. I switched to soy after two weeks. I just had my third son. I put him straight to soy formula in the hospital and also breast fed for only two weeks. He does not spit up or cry. He also slept through the night after 7 weeks. I am not sure that this will work for everyone but stopping the breast feeding worked for me three times. I would give some formula a try with the breast milk.

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I am going through the same thing. My daughter cries each night from 8:30 to 9:30/10:00 pm. I am exclusively breastfeeding and my husband tried to blame the crying on what I ate in the beginning. But now we realize shes just colic. My doctor said try to swaddle her, but I don't believe there is any solution, only patience. Lets just think about the good side, it doesn't last forever. I think it usually goes away around 4 month.

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