Falling asleep to music

Nickie - posted on 07/19/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I was wondering how many others have their kids fall asleep to music? If you did was trouble when you took it away? My 7 week old has a toy that he seems to fall asleep with that has instrumental music although it does not last long. He drifts right off with it. Wondered if I was creating a problem later down the road.


Sheena - posted on 07/23/2009




My son listened to classical music alllll throughout being an infant and as he got to be a toddler, he just fell asleep on his own & still does and hes 25 months! They say infants who listen to classical are smarter too ;) There shouldnt be a problem at all! hope this helps! good luck :)


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Emily - posted on 09/10/2009




My son falls asleep to music four or five nights a week. I change the playlists on the iPod so that he doesn't get used to the same thing and sometimes I skip it all together. The main reason I do it is because our house is so quiet that I'm afraid he'll get too used to silence and won't be able to fall asleep when there's noise! He doesn't seem affected either way at this point. One of the best peices of advice I was given was not to form any habits that I'd have to break later, so I try to keep that in mind.

Good luck! :-)

Sharmian - posted on 09/09/2009




My daughter falls asleep to music also, Ive been told that its bad coz it doesnt let them fall into deep sleep and thier brains are still working and taking it all in, but sometimes its the only way to help her sleep! I dont think it will cause any more problem than other things such as a dummy or blankie!

Heather - posted on 09/01/2009




we have a sound box with a projecter that my son loves, he will fall asleep listening to it and will watch the lights when he is bored, i love it and the funny thing is that it puts my husband and i to sleep too, but it also have a timer, 15,30,45 or 60 mins so its not on all night, so far there has been no problems

Ashley - posted on 08/29/2009




my son has a cd that he listens to at night its ocean music very soothing and during the day when he has naps i got a baby einstein toy that plays either ocean sounds with or without lights or lullaby type music with or without lights and it stays on for 20mins while the lights and sound slowly dims he loves it, I dont see any problem with it if it helps ur baby fall asleep faster then its a miracle in my book lol

Krystin - posted on 07/28/2009




My daughter has a musical toy as well. As soon as we pull the tail and it starts playing and she gets instantly quiet and is asleep within minutes. We try not to use it at home but if we are out or in the car we always have it handy.

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