How do you set a nap schedule?

Jamie - posted on 10/04/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I am struggling with getting Easton to take naps. I read that he should be sleeping 9-12 hours at night which he does, and then taking 2 naps 2-3 hours each. He will go all day with out napping and then he is a pain at night time and is hard to get down. Half the time I can get him to take an afternoon nap, but sometimes he will only be down for an hour. Do I need to be more strict at trying to put him down at the same time everyday once in the am and once in the pm? What if I can't get him down, when do I give up and bring him out to play? Then there is the living my schedule by his nap times. Do I play each day by ear or do I stay strict to the same time every day and schedule my errands around his nap times? What did/ do you do? Also any tricks to get him down when he isn't that tired?


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I just let my baby sleep whenever he is tired. Some days he takes more naps than others. He is happy all day long because he is getting the right amount of sleep that his body needs. Every baby is different.

Alexandra - posted on 10/24/2009




You need to get the Baby Whisperer book! It is the best baby book I've read, and thank God for it! Her program is EASY: Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time. She takes her "schedule" by reading baby's clues (they give them loud and clear if you know what to look for). So, Ryleigh eats, is up playing for a bit, and at the first yawn is laid down with her soother and blanket and then naps until it's time to eat again. It's almost always exactly and horu and a half for her so say she eats at noon, she'll be out at one thirty and wake up again at 3 to eat. This works ALL DAY and everywhere, takes the guesswork right out of it, and she still sleeps awesome at night.

Nimisha - posted on 10/19/2009




I had/have the same problem with my daughter. She didn't used to nap in the day and would wake loads in the night just for an ounce of milk and a cuddle. I kept hoping that once she slept properly at night, naps would follow suit...until I spoke to someone about sleep training. We now put her down at night and long as she is full we don't go to her if she cries (unless it's her hysterical cry). We also use a grobag for her to sleep in. In the daytime when I can see her getting tired and preferably around the same time each day, I put her in her grobag and in her cot. If she fusses or cries I leave her for about 10 mins and she normally falls back to sleep... I think babies just need sleep cues to let them know - kind of like a bedtime routine, just for the daytime.
Hope this helps

Jessica - posted on 10/09/2009




I'm kind of in the same boat- my son is a horrible sleeper. I haven't been strict about naps yet- really i just don't know how to set a schedule. I don't feel like I can "make" him fall asleep. He typically doesn't sleep for more than a half-hour to 40 min at a time. And other than a pretty regular morning nap about an hour and a half after he gtes up, they're at pretty random times too. So far he'll only nap in his swing or if I'm holding him, so I'm trying to get him to nap in his crib more. I guess I don't have much advice, but I can definitely sympathize!

Natalie - posted on 10/09/2009




you must read the book 'Save our Sleep' also check out the website

Christina - posted on 10/08/2009




I was having trouble getting my daughter to nap as well. I started going for a walk every morning around 11 (she gets up around 8) and the fresh air seems to make her sleep so put her down when we get home. At first she would fuss but now within 5 mins of fussing she is sleeping. As for the afternoon, when she starts getting cranky around the same time I just lay her down and got her used to being in the crib at that time. If she wouldnt sleep I would give her a teether to chew on and leave her there for awhile. Now she will sleep at that time and we stick to a bed time as well. I also find feeding before nap helps sleep as well.

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My Little Girl Sleeps 10-11 Hours at night and has about 2x 2 Hour Sleeps In The Day.

She Sleeps In Her Cot In Her Room At Night And Sleeps In Her Bouncer Downstairs In The Day. I Find This Helps Them Get Into A Routine Of Day And Night. I have 3 Girls And I Did This With All Mine.

It May Not Work For Everyone But It Works Well For Me

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Try going to and go to 31 ways o get your baby to sleep and stay asleep. He is one of the top peds in the country, and has some awesome ideas for why some babies don't sleep like others do. I don't know if your baby will fit into what catagory, but I know mine falls into the "I wanna sleep with YOU during y nap and I want it quiet!" This is a really hard task with a 2yr old as well :) We are making do though. Anyway, hope the articles help and good luck!

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hey Jamie!

my son was always a good sleeper, 3 hour naps and 11 hour nights! so when Dae was born and she sleeps a horribly as her father, it was a shock! so i feel you as far as wanting him to sleep regularly so your life can have some rhythm and he wont be a grump. ;)

heres my advice: he is 4 months i believe, as hard as it may be, you need to let him cry IF he is tired. in that case it is only a matter of learning to comfort himself. (and My personal advice is that it is hell, {and i speak from personal experience here} lol, if you wait till they can sit up before you teach them to to that, because they will pull up, and not know how to sit back down in the crib) if he is happy and playing and not showing signs of being tired, he may just be an active child (like Dae). The numbers arnt right for every child, ex: my daughter, and possibly your son. :)

if he is sometimes taking an afternoon nap (for example 3pm) then i would put him in his crib every day at '3 pm' if he fusses, let him fus, if he screams go in, put him down (no talking or picking up) an leave again. after 2-3 days he will be sleeping. if he gets to his (you as his mother know it) histerical cry. go and sit with him in his chair and dont talk, just have quiet time for 1/2 hour.every day. this will teach him that that specific time of day is for resting, there is nothing fun to do. ;)

i personaly plan each day around nap and meal 12-eat 1-3 nap. so it feels normal to them to sleep even if they dont think their tired. :) they always sleep now. :)

good luck love, let me know if you want further advice! hope you get lots of good answers!

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