i have started my child on baby jar food. How often do i need to feed her the jar food?


Katie - posted on 01/11/2010




We started cereal (am/pm) at 4mo, by 5mo we're on stage 1 (am/pm with cereal). My little guy took the whole jar of Stage one even though the suggestion is 1/2 a jar. We are now on stage 2 foods -so...

*morning bottle

*bottle, cereal, fruit (breakfast)

*bottle fuit/veggie (lunch)

*bottle, cereal, veggie (dinner)


Amber - posted on 01/11/2010




I rescently started my 7 mnth old on jar baby food when he was a little over 5 months. He started taking a jar a day and now at 7 mnths he takes any where from 3 to 5 jars a day. Then again he would rather have the baby food than a bottle. Just play it by ear and see how it turns out. If your little acts like he/she is not getting enough then increase the amount you will hopefully see a dramatic change in actions rather it be good or bad depends on the baby, but it worked wonders on my son.

Kerri-Ann - posted on 01/12/2010




I started with once a day at 6 months old and now he eats cereal at breakfast and then his baby jar food at lunch and supper with a bottle in the afternoon as his "snack". I suggest only starting him with one new food at a time so if he has a reaction you'll know which food caused it.

Ashley - posted on 01/11/2010




i started my lo with rice at 3.5months by 4months he was eating 2jars of stage 1 a day (breakfast and dinner) and now at 6.5months he eats 2tubs (gerber stage 2) for breakfast,lunch and dinner and also has between 5-8oz bottle anywhere between 4-6 times a day depending on how much he drinks. He loves his food though and would eat more if i would let him but i think 2tubs is more than enough lol

Christina - posted on 01/11/2010




I feed my son rice cereal in the morning with a 1/2 jar of fruit (i measure how much to use by how many ounces he is drinking and give him 1/2 of that then mix the rice creal to "oatmeal" consisteny but a little more "thin" eg...he is eating 6 oz bottles so I put 3 oz in the bowl with a 1/2 jar of fruit then add the rice as needed) then for lunch i give him a whole jar of veggies and a 1/2 jar of fruit...then a 6 oz bottle around 3 oclock for a snack then the same as lunch for dinner at around 5 then he goes to bed around 8 after daddy feeds him a 6 oz bottle

this is just what I do...hopefully it may help you develop a routine for your little one!! :)


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It depends on your baby and his/her appetite. I give my daughter cereal(with yogurt mixed in) in the morning and before bed, and then I give her jar food at lunch time....she also gets a snack(finger foods) around 4pm. I give her juice(mixed with water) in between her meals. And I give her a bottle whenever she wants it.

Elizabeth - posted on 01/11/2010




I started with feeding my daughter cereal once a day and let her eat as much as she wanted. Usually it wasn't too much. When I started jar food, I fed her twice a day. Usually she would eat about half a jar on stage 1 and some cereal each meal. Once she started finishing off the jars, I moved to stage 2, and once she turned 6 months, I started feeding her 3 times a day. She slowly keeps wanting more and more. I started cereal at 5 months. She's almost 6 1/2 months and eats 3 times a day. She has a jar of stage 2 fruit and a little bit of yogurt for breakfast, stage 2 fruit or vegetable for lunch, and a stage 2 meal or vegetable and about 4 Tbsp cereal for dinner. I let her eat as much as she wants, because she knows when she's full.

Melissa - posted on 01/11/2010




my lil one started on half a jar twice a dy at 4 months:) now at 7 months she can easily polish of 2 jars for lunch and again dinner. I try to ensure that her meals are made by me with fresh ingrediants. she eats 3 meals a day and has snacks as well as still being breast fed. your wee one will let you know when they have had enough:)

Nikki - posted on 01/11/2010




at 4 months i started veggies and did half a jar a day then worked up to a full jar split 3 times a day)
at 5 months then we intro fruits and started 2 teaspoons and now half a jar a day ( eaten with veggies)
then at 6 months we intro meats and started 2 teaspoons lunch and dinner now up to half a jar )
my son also is bottle fed and had a bottle in the early am and normally has one with each meal and in between meals

this was my doctor's plan and it works very well but my son is a very good eater, and he lets me know when he is full just play it by ear and see how much they want they are good at letting you know how much they need... also my son didnt really like fruits so i would mix them in with veggies, I did the same with the meats... try and only intro one veggie at a time and see how they react that way if they have an allergy you can pinpoint which veggie or fruit caused it... then you can mix it up

Cristy - posted on 01/10/2010




I would offer bub solids after the morning milk feed to start with. I like to feed baby when I eat so she feels part of mealtime. My bub will now often eat 3 times a day as she gets upset if she doesn't eat with us.

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