Just for fun: Your baby's development and challenges

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I know babies develop at their own pace, but I thought it might be fun to share your baby's development, achievements and challenges. (not to compare, just for fun and out of curiosity)

So far, my little boy is creeping and lately has started to crawl backwards as well as bounce a bit like a frog (he lifts his bum up and then falls forwards, hilarious to watch). However, he can't yet sit unassisted, and even if supported, he still topples over sideways.

He is discovering his hands and gives high fives when he's in the mood for it. He greets his daddy with a huge smile after work, and reaches his arms towards me when he's not happy on someone's arm. We thought he had started to sign "milk" but it turns out he was just playing with his hand.

He still uses his dummy despite my efforts to get rid of it. He sometimes sleeps through the night, other nights he needs extensive resettling.

He also has his bottom two teeth.


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Lucas isn't quite 6 months old yet, but he is rolling all over the place. As soon as you lay him down to change him, he flips over onto his belly. Not a safe thing! :) He found his wrists recently, so he will hold something and rotate his wrist around and around. It is so funny because he studies it so intently. He is also sitting unassisted for short periods. He leans forward a little too far still and will do a nose dive into the carpet suddenly if we aren't careful :) He is also scooting around the floor. He's not lifting himself into the bridge for crawling yet, but he can do either the front or back end. And somehow, he ends up in a different place then where you put him. I'm still not quite sure how that happens. LOL. He doesn't have teeth yet. But, he is eating all veggies and cereals. We are going to be starting fruits soon. And, he is almost sleeping through the night. Usually from 8-5, eats and then goes back to bed until 7 or so.

Kelly - posted on 12/16/2009




Im hoping Ty doesn't walk and talk early , his sister did , and I thought it was great , HA ! I know better now, you spend all this time wishing they would walk and talk , then once they do , you spend the rest of their life wishing they would sit down and shut up .
Nope, this time, he can take his sweet time...

Heather - posted on 12/15/2009




Lorilei was 6 months old Dec 12th. She has no teeth yet, and hasn't quite gotten the concept of sitting unsupported. She loves her tummy time and her bounceroo. She rolls to get wherever she wants to go. It's so funny now that the Christmas tree is up, she always winds up trying to get the bows off the gifts. We're pretty sure that she'll be crawling within the next couple of weeks. She can finally get up on her hands and knees but she usually rocks back and forth for a minute and then falls back on her tummy. She's a very loud baby, but a loud happy baby. lol. I love hearing her "talk". It's too cute. She HATES naps and will fight them until the end, but will usually be in bed by 6:30pm and after about 2 times of waking up during the night, she's up for good around 7.

Nina - posted on 12/15/2009




Ashton will be 6 months on Christmas eve, he sits up on his own, unsupported, wonderfully! He can roll over from his back to his tummy, when he choses, but he wont continue to roll yet. After being on his tummy for a few minutes, he will usually get mad. He prefers to be sitting up or standing up. He can hold on to something (coffee table, crib..) and stand on his own. He has his bottom two teeth in! I call him my little biker boy because he is constantly moving his hands like how you would rev a motorcycle to go and he blows rasberries a lot while doing this. It's pretty funny. He is an amazing little boy! Oh and he almost always sleeps through the night.. from about 9pm to 6-7am

Shea - posted on 12/14/2009




Riann will be 6 months on christmas eve. gave up on the binky 2 months ago, she wont take it anymore. she can sit unsupported for a long time, until she tries to look behind her. she has been able to roll both ways for a while. she loves sitting in the bath tub and has started to try to pull up on the sides of the tub and loves to splash. she has 2 teeth and is starting to try to pinch at things to pick up her gerber puffs...(with her right hand only) some days i say"give momma kisses" and she gives me kisses... but she has to bee in the right mood. and she LOOOOOVES ehr jumperoo. is she leaves the house for a while she starts bouncing in your arms as soon as she sees it. and she has been eating solids for a few months now. and her favorite teether (untill the tooth came in) was a baby dill pickle....... wierd kid. i think the vinegar numbed her gums or something.

Kelly - posted on 12/14/2009




Ty is 5 and a half months, sits unsupported for a few seconds, and rolls both ways , all over the place.
He is on solids (even tho I was going to wait til 6 months , I caved ) and like his sister, is a great sleeper , both during the day , and night.
He likes to grab at everything, and thinks mummy blowing raspberries on his tummy is hilarious .

User - posted on 12/14/2009




Grace is 5 1/2 months and right now is loving her jolly jumper! she rolls both ways and loves tummy time on the floor. isn't sitting unsupported yet but does attempt to crawl, although she hasnt figured out how to go forwards yet, just backwards and sideways hehe. Grace is a very happy, talkative baby, i think she loves the sounds of her own voice, and often giggles to herself, like there is an inside joke we are unaware of! very cute! she also loves to hold her own spoon and feed herself baby food..though she tends to get more on her face, than in her mouth! she loves swimming, kicking and splashing in the water. has started teething but no real sign of a tooth coming through yet. recognizes my families faces and smiles when she sees them! feel blessed to have such a joy in my life!

Elizabeth - posted on 12/13/2009




Grace is 5 1/2 months and a very happy baby! She sleep through the night (10+ hours), and she never wants a pacifier except for about once a month when she is extremely upset and mommy can't get her to calm down. She has been sitting unsupported for over a month now and can sit for about 20 minutes. She usually falls over because she accidentally pushes a toy out of reach and then wants it back. Her jumeroo used to be her favorite thing, but now she is getting more into other things such as her toy remote and little activity triangle thing (beads to move, things that spin, etc). Grace also loves to look at pictures, so books are a must! She absolutely loves dogs and reaches for them whenever they are near. She'll just sit there petting them and letting them lick her fingers. She rolls over but has not started crawling. She can easily push her front up and pull her knees under her but has yet to do both at the same time. Grace loves bath time, because she gets to splash and try to catch her rubber duckie and hippo. She doesn't have any teeth yet but has always enjoyed the taste of her finger and absolutely anything in sight (including my clothes and fingers)! She eats well- 2 meals a day with a total of about 6-8 oz of baby food and 1/4 a cup of cereal. I think she's doing pretty well! Hopefully she thinks I'm doing a good job, too. :)

Corinne - posted on 12/13/2009




James is 51/2 months old now, he is doing very well with sitting unsupported, but only lasts for 5-10 minutes at most. He can do the army crawl pretty well and gets what he wants, (fast little guy too), he loves to push himself up on his hands and knees, he has the concept of moving his hand and knees to move, but only manages to move one hand then the other gets stuck under him and he is doing a baby handstand before falling forward. He loves standing and holding onto things, and we have managed to stand without support for 30 seconds before falling on hit bottom. He is such a happy baby and loves tormenting his big sister already. He sleeps through the night well since we have moved him to his big boy room, and even has been doing very well with nap times! He has a great toothy grin and I don't think we will have any any time soon. What fun he has been so far!

Jennifer - posted on 12/10/2009




Scott turned 6 months old today, he is such a good and happy baby (I am so blessed). He is liking his tummy more now but prefers to be in his jumperoo or excersaucer. No teeth yet but I think they are only days away. He is not sitting unsupported yet although he doesn't fall sideways or backwards he just goes forwards (so cute). He can scoot around on the floor to get to what he is wanting. He loves to smile, laugh and talk!!!! And has been sleeping through the night for the past 3 and a half months.

Megan - posted on 12/09/2009




Shilah just turns 6 months old today (10th Dec)! She really enjoys her tummy time and spends lots of time of the floor reaching for, grasping and manipulating her toys. She doesn't have any teeth as yet, however, I believe one of the bottom one's is not too far away and she spends most days lately with her fingers in her mouth and anything else she can get her hands on. She has started creeping around slowly and has been able to roll from back to tummy for a couple of months now but only learnt to roll from tummy to back within the last month or so. She blows raspberries most days, sometimes happy one's, sometimes miserable one's! Unable to sit unsupported yet, she spends only small amounts of time assisted in this position as she prefers to be on her tum. It seems as though she will be crawling before she sits! Only recently has she been playing with and chewing on her toes - something I've been looking forward to seeing her do as it is so cute! Have heard her say 'mumma' a few times now, generally when she has been distressed though. She's certainly not sleeping through the night, waking 2 or 3 times between 6:30pm when she goes to bed and 6:30am when she tends to rise for the day, however, we are trying to work on this and would love to go back to her waking even once a night still. She has her dummy for sleep times, usually to get her to go off to sleep, then spits it out. She does swimming lessons and readily puts her head under the water now, closing her eyes before she goes under.

Shilah's not really the happy-go-lucky type of baby yet that I hope she will eventually become. She has quite a temperament and a boisterous cry, however, I prefer to think of her behaviour as challenging and that she's got a 'big' personality as opposed to thinking of her as not a 'good' baby & a potential 'brat'!

Eleisha - posted on 12/09/2009




He sounds so sweet. Ava is a little over 6 months, and sits unsupported for around 20 minutes at a time. She reaches her arms up for me to pick her up when she wants me. Ava rolls over both ways, and has started to army crawl just over the past few days. She has no teeth, but loves to chew on pretty well anything. She is very happy and giggly and has started to say "mu" (we just can't get the end "M" out yet). Ava sleeps 11 hours at night, and she has her dummy at night and for naps!

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