Need advice on weaning from bottles

Brenda - posted on 07/25/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 13 months. She has 3 bottles a day, naps and bedtime. For the last few weeks I have replaced the nap bottles with sippy cups. She seemed to be ok with the fact no bottle was coming but didn't really drink much from the sippy. (She only likes water from her cup!) Lately she has been waking up twice a night starving for a bottle. I thought we grew out of that! My mom says she is hungry because she isn't taking anything from the sippy cup. She is a tiny girl, still fits into most of her 9 months clothes. Mom told me I should stick to feeding her as if she was only nine months and that she just isn't ready to lose her bottles. She eats only table foods but that has decreased some because she is walking and is just to busy and interested in everything to sit and eat for very long. What do you think? Should I give her back the bottle so we can all sleep through the night again? She has definately been getting crappy with this disturbed sleep!


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Becky - posted on 07/28/2010




When I went in for our daughter's 12 month check-up the doctor told me to stop bottles and cut it down to 3 times a day with meals. I about lost my mind! The first few weeks were spent cutting down the amount of times she had a bottle and supplementing with diluted apple juice in a sippy cup with a soft nipple. The next week or so I would take one bottle away and replace it with a cup. I continued this for about a week until she was having a cup with meals and a sippy cup with snacks. We've been bottle free for about 3 weeks now! Granted, we're using cups with soft nipples (Munchkin brand training cup) so it still seems like a bottle to her, but she is transitioning quite well!

Your little one will tell you what she needs and when she needs it. Trust her right now! Good luck to you :)

Jennifer - posted on 07/26/2010




Hi Brenda! I did things much different. When I started giving my son cows milk a month ago, I also took him off of bottles cold turkey. We had no problem with it, and he didnt seem to miss the bottle at all, but thats not the case with every child. He doesnt like drinking his milk from a normal sippy cup. I have been giving him the cups that have the straw in them, and he downs his milk! I wouldnt suggest giving the bottle back, but maybe give her cereal before bed and try those cups that have the straw.

Bridget - posted on 07/26/2010




Hi Brenda, I feel what you are going through! My little man is also 13 months and has 3 bottles also (morning, noon and night). I was worried he was still on bottles but I am a big believer in baby led weaning. My man isn't ready just yet to give up his bottles so I'm not going to force him to. He too started waking up at night (or earlier than usual) when I tried to get rid of the bottles and he started losing weight and became a very miserable boy. Most literature says bubs should be off bottles by 18 months so I have a little time left to slowly get rid of the bottles. Others will tell you to be strong and just keep giving your little one the sippy until she takes it, etc but do what is right by you and your little one! If you feel she needs the bottles for a little while longer then give them to her - there is no harm (as long as you clean her teeth after the bottles it shouldn't cause decay and as long as she isn't falling asleep with the bottles). Good luck do what you are comfortable with and it will all work out!!!

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