Need to get on a schedule to stay sane!

Rebecca - posted on 02/07/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have a 8 month old boy who doesnt have a set bed time or nap time. what time does everyone put their child down for bed and naps. My 8 year old daughter goes to bed at 8:30 and I would like him to go about the same time. I would like to wake him up at 7 am everyday..does that sound logical? what times should he go down for a nap(s?) if i choose these time for bed time and wake time?


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Sarah - posted on 04/14/2015




Meredith, infants need daytime sleep. Even if they sleep trough the night at 8 months, they still need to nap at least once if not twice at that age. To keep them up will result in a cranky overtired baby.

Meredith - posted on 04/11/2015




infants should go to bed in my opinion at 9pm and wake up at 9 am. While they are asleep you should get up at at a routine time of 6 am. have your breakfast and pick up the house and get ready to start your day. By the time it gets to 9 am then you can start your baby routine because your personal house routine is done and this will you to be more organized in the long run. By the time they are 1 yr old, it should be bed at 8pm. and by age 2 its 7am. As far as naps are concerned, i would never put my child down for a nap otherwise it will be harder for them to sleep at night. However, if your child falls asleep on their own; that's different. I wouldn't put them for a nap deliberately.

Vicky - posted on 01/31/2015




Set the rules and stick with them Mom. Eventually his body will get the point. If unhealthy habits start now, it will be even more challenging to break them later. Goodluck!

Angela - posted on 11/23/2013




Doctors and this mom will tell you that if your child is getting enough calories during waking hours and still growing at a healthy rate, it is absolutely alright for your child to go a full night without eating. But if you aren't easing them slowly into doing that and it's not them just sleeping through the night, you'll have a hell of a time doing it. Good luck!

Barbara - posted on 11/21/2012




A schedule will help. Your 8 year old daughter going down at 8:30 sounds right. Your son should be going down by 7:30 pm. If he wakes up during the night for feeding that is okay. My boys before they were 2 years old took a nap in the morning around 10 am. because they would wake up at between 6:30 am. and 7 am. They also took a nap in the afternoon around 2 pm. When the oldest one was around 4 I could not get him to take his afternoon nap so he would be in bed by 7:30 pm. The youngest son did take his nap in the afternoon until 5 years old. They are now 6 and 8 and they are bathed, read stories and lights out by 8:30 pm. Yes a schedule is key in keeping insane for you and the baby.

Sheree - posted on 02/07/2010




My duaghter will be 8 months in 9 days, she has been sleeping from 8pm-7am since she was 4.5 months old, so the no feeing part shouldnt be a problem, but if he is waking for a feed then he may need it. But i put my LO down at about 8pm every night, if she is very tired it is sometimes 730pm, this is only usually on the days she has swimming lessons. She then sleeps till about 730am-8am. She stays up for 2 hours, then has a 1 hour nap, then stays up for about 3-4 hours and has about 1.5-2 hours nap again, the next time she sleeps is then bedtime. hope this helps :)

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