Nose Bleed?

Kasey - posted on 12/20/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I went to get my son out of bed this morning and after bringing him in my room noticed dried blood all over his nose. I gave him a bath wiped off all the dried blood and noticed one of his eyes looked purple and blue and both were puffy. I went about our day thinking he hit a toy in his crib in the night or allergies (he is on breathing treatments and has been for a year)? I called his dad to see if he had hit his head b4 going to sleep last night, but his dad said no. However, I just layed him down for a nap and there is a big blood stain the size of my hand and blood all over his blankie. Should I call the doctor?


Dawn - posted on 12/23/2010




call the doctor anytime and for anything u have questions about. It's their job to help u look after your child's health. My daughter has frequent nosebleeds (always on the right side) and i have brought it to our pediatrician's attention. He checked her out and told me that changes in weather, dryness in the air, allergies, etc. could be causing the nosebleeds. I now use saline nasal spray with her twice a day and use a humidifier at bed time and now there are less nosebleeds. If there are any, i usually attribute it to her having picked it. As far as the eyes being puffy and discolored, i would definitely ask the pediatrician if anything serious could have caused it to put my mind at ease, and also what i should do and what i should watch for should it happen again. Having a good relationship with ur doc is so important. If you aren't comfortable with the one u have, find a new one. Ask other moms u might know who they use and how they like them. Good luck. I hope this helps!

Janessa - posted on 12/30/2010




It sounds like he has a little bit of a black eye too? He could have hit himself on something then. I really woudn't know for sure. How old is your son? My kids get bloody noses randomly, in fact my 3 year old woke up with dried blood all over his face just the other day. Their nose bleeds don't worry me. A lot of the time its the dry or cold weather that does it. My almost 5 year old, doesn't seem to get them near as much now. My 18 month old has only gotten 1 or 2. It's fairly normal, but it does sound like he may have injured himself, but still that doesn't necessarily mean you need to take him to the doctors. Just go with your gut feeling.


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Cheryl - posted on 01/01/2011




My daughter gets random nose bleeds now that the air is dryer and such. My husband is some what prone to nose bleeds too so I am not all that concerned, but I plan on bringing it to the Dr. attention at her next appointment. Since I started running a humidifier the issue has pretty much gone away.

Tammie - posted on 12/29/2010




My son has had nose bleeds for a few months now and he jsut turned 18 mos. We put a humidifier in his room during the night and the problem went away. Turns out my father says he has had the same problem since he was little and my husband has too. I asked my son's doc and she said their was nothing to worry about as long as the humidifer worked.

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Same here Cristy.

My daughter has never had a nosebleed (yet) and shes 18 months so I wouldn't have a clue but Dawn is right in saying its best to have a doctor you can trust (not easy in the area I'm in) but anyway I hope you have found out what the problem was and hope your little one is better.

Cristy - posted on 12/23/2010




I notice this post is 3 days old so I'm assuming you've figured out the problem of have been to the doctor. I would take my child to the doctor if I had any health concerns I was unsure about. Just curious as to what you discovered.

Kristen - posted on 12/23/2010




Yes.. absolutely call the doc! I dont have any suggestions on what it might be.. but if he did hit his head.. it could be very serious! Call the doc asap.. Good luck!!

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