sleep training toddler?

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my son just turned a year old and silly me gave up on sleep training when he was about 6 months and now i'm exhausted!!! i know i should have stuck through it but he kept getting sick and it was frusturating...anyhow i need suggestions on how to get him to fall asleep on his own...he gets his last bottle in my arms and then i lay him in his crib with a "light show-type" mobile and i leave the room to let him CIO....any other ideas? thanks moms


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CIO is not always the best thing and really could cause damage to your LO. I had the same problem with my LO, he did not want to go to sleep in his crib and rocking and putting him in did not work. So now I go in with him as he is rubbing his eyes and put him in and I lay on the floor next to his crib. Sometimes I put my hand in through the slats so he can touch me and knows I am there but other times I don't. He plays for a few minutes then crashes out within 15 minutes. He has started sleeping longer when I do this so I will continue as long as we are all happy. Good luck

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all you can really do it set a good routine and stick to it! dinner, bath bed etc.

i wouldnt nurse him with that last milk bottle anymore...
1) the milk will sit on his teeth and rot them through the night
2) he is relying on you to nurse him down

the routine i use for my daughter has been like this since about 9 month (when her first tooth came up and we stopped milk bottles before bed).

bath, brush teeth, get dressed, brush hair, drink of water, turn the lights out, quick cuddle then into bed.

we dont have any lights on in her room and the door is shut so its totally different from her day naps.

im a believer in controlled crying rather than CIO. i will leave my daughter for 5-10mins to cry... go in give her some water without picking her up... leave... another 5-10mins... go in and rub her back without picking her up... another 5-10mins... on the third go i pick her up for a cuddle til she calms them back onto bed and we start again!

we rarely make it past a drink of water these days!

i guess its all about persistance and routine. it will take him a few days to realise the new routine... but stick with it and it will work!

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