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hi, i am just seeking some advice. i know it sounds awful but my 2 year old son has been driving me mad lately. its hard as i also have a 3 year old girl so they are home with me full time and their father lives away. being a single mum is tough enough anyway but they both still tantrumming :( when its the 3 year old you cant even rationalise with her she just shuts down. when its the 2 year old he will just lie on the floor and scream. my daughter will go on the timeout step to calm down but my son doesnt ( have tried) what discipline action do you take on your two year olds?


Jessica - posted on 10/04/2011




Perfectly normal :) I have a 2 yr old and I babysit for a 3 yr old. They both want to dominate the house. I suggest distracting the 2 yr old. At this age it's hard to tell if it's a tantrum. Pick different activities for them to do apart from each other. I had to do that today. The 3 yr old didn't want to share a toy. The 2 yr old cried and so 3 yr old smacked him. Nice huh? So I made her apologize then let her play again. I took 2 yr old and sat and interacted with another toy. Everyone was happy. Good luck mom! Lots and lots of patience :)

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