When should I start feeding my 11m old son solid food? If so, what type of food? and how much of it?

Angela - posted on 06/02/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I already feed him Gerber baby food, and he is so picky of which ones he likes. My mother-in-law says to feed him what I normally eat. Is she right? And when should I start giving him regular milk?


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Cyndi - posted on 06/14/2010




My doctor said no solids until 6 months and as I am first time Mom, I listened. Started with rice cereal, oatmeal, etc. Then we started baby foods and at 9 months I have started trying things like cheeries, toast (w/o crust), saltines (w/o salt). Overall, my 11 month old is really not eating "BIG PEOPLE" food either. It's all Gerber stuff Graduates and up to Toddler size finger food. I do try mashed up banana and mashed potatoes, shredded cheese etc, but she is not really having it. I am going to try scrambled eggs next. Not holding my breath if she will actually eat it. But, I guess we just need to keep trying. I think it's mostly about texture. I wish I had tried more "regular" foods earlier, but too late now. Good luck!

Kimberley - posted on 06/07/2010




my son was starting to eat solid foods at 3 months he needed more than just milk and i also changed him to cows milk at 8 months

Krystal - posted on 06/06/2010




My daughter was off comercial prepared foods (except cereal) by 6 months! I prepared great meat meals through one week, saving her pieces, which I would cut into appropiate sized bites. Freezing the meat in icecube trays, I just have to worry about her veggies, grains etc.
Is you little guy breast-fed or on a bottle?? I started giving my girl homo milk in a regular cup at meals only when she was 7 months. At this age, she wouldn't drink more than 1oz at meals (water through-out the day) and breast-fed 4 times a day.
She is 2 weeks shy of 12 months, and chugs her milk at meals! She is only nursing morning and night now.

What stage of gerber food is he on? Is it lumpy or strained?
Does he get anything other than the Gerber baby food? Cheese, toast, cheerios, etc?

I would say that your mom-in-law is right.
(don't want to start anything :0)
Start with breakfast.
Toast - make it good by buying wholewheat or better.
Egg yolk - you control the size being given to your babe.
Sliced bananas

Angela, my girl is eating three meals a day - something from each food group at each meal with milk. I guess I started her early (baby cereal at 4.5 months) because she showed the signs - interested in food, watching me eat, or grabbing for the food! I can't help you with the pickiness. Maybe start with the real food - blended. Real potatoes and veggies, or meat.

Always remember -
you will make the right choices for your son!
Let us know what you tried!

CARRIE - posted on 06/05/2010




My son started baby food in jars when he was 4 months. He started also eating soft table foods at 6 months and by 9 months he totally rejected baby food so we started feeding him most of what we were eating. We didn't give him tough meats, hard raw veggies, or anything extremely spicy. He is now a year old and has teeth so he eats anything we feed him but, he loves things that he can pick up with his fingers and feed himself. I think he hated the baby food because it is so bland and tasteless.

Laura - posted on 06/03/2010




i feed our twins foods that i prepare for them, i give them some liga (theyre like rusks) allow them to chew chciken breast and thin pieces of beef...they eat bread....maybe if you try with soft stuff like banana and kiwi and work your way up ...i would keep him on baby milk til 18 mths hope this helps x

Kristyn - posted on 06/03/2010




Hi Angela, Im not sure what country you are in? The trend in Australia is to start solids from 4-6 months (depends which train of thought you prefer!) My boys (twins) have been on solids since 4 months - all commerically bought. I hate Heinz because its flavourless and I wouldnt eat it. lol. Raffertys garden is just gorgeous. Its all natural, no preservatives etc. Depends what youve got available where you are. If youre happy cooking, just do vegies and finely chopped meat and puree it in a food blender. Start off very mushy and gradly make it lumpier. My guys hate lumpy food. Every baby is different. Dont worry if he doesnt take to lumps until 15-18 months. My boys have baby porridge, banana and toast for breaky. Yoghurt, fruit and a sandwhich for lunch. Vegies/finger food meat and custard for dinner. Still doing 3 bottles a day. Youre not meant to start cows milk until 12 months. There is no need to continue formula after 12 months. And there is no need to continue using bottles either (yay) so try it from a sippy cup instead. Juice isnt recommended. Its full of sugar and they become dependant on it. Just give water as a supplement to formula/milk. Offer it with each meal.

Your MIL is sort of right. You need to start little and gradually build up to what youre eating (in a blender and then mashed and then not).

Hope that helps. Sorry if I rambled. lol.

Bathobile - posted on 06/03/2010




My baby already eats solids anything that we eat for supper. In the morning I give her 225ml of warm milk and cereal the one with milk I buy a honey favour or mix fruit or mix veg she likes so much. then during the day she eats purity fruits one I don't like veg ones they are tasteless. In the evening she eats supper with us anything that we eat. at night I give her a bottle and mid morning before I go to work I breast feed her. During the day she drinks a lot juice, water and milk so It's a personal choose what you do for you baby oh ask you her doctor. See what works for you and your baby. and remember you are a best mom

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