June 2010 Baby Girls

Was your baby girl born in June of 2010? Meet other rmoms whose baby was born around the same time, compare, ask for advice, etc


how much does your daughter weigh?

hi im new here my name is heather i have a baby girl born 6/13/2010 weighing 6.2 pounds at her 2 month check up she was 10.8 pounds.i was wondering how much everyones child has...


walking shoes

when is it time to buy walking shoes for your baby? my daughter will be 8 moths on monday she wants to walk in the walker so i let walk around barefoot or with socks will this...



My daughter isnt crawling yet and she can stay sitted but cant sit up on her own. She is very tall and has aleady reached the height limit for her exersaucer. She seems to be...



Any of your girls teething or have some teeth, how did you deal with soothing your little one?



What are some of the milestones your little girl has achieved so far?