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my daughter is 3months now, and has been right on the average for height weight and head since she was born, this week when we got her weighed she only put on 1/2 the weight she was meant to. for 2weeks now she has had green poo's the range from brocoli colour thru to pale green. i told the nurses about it, but they didnt seem 2 concerned..... she is feeding between 1 and 3hourly, and i fear my milk is running low. i have started on fenugreek tablets, and my aunty told me a recipe for a milk booster, milo, milk powder, and milk.
if you have any suggestions for boosting supply or for helping with the green poo situation help!!


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Think it could be assign your baby may not be feeding enough as has green stools and has not gained enough weight although the range is 100 to 300 gm per week. And for boosting milk supply you can take Domperidone tablets max 8 per day with amazing effect. I have been on it for 5 months no side effects for mum or baby. Good luck!

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I have 2 daughters, both have been breast feed, and their stools were more mustardy in color. Both have or had some sort of dairy intolerance from birth. My oldest couldn't have dairy formula, but nothing in my diet affected her. However, my 6 month old had very green stools to start, and she spit up A LOT! She didn't have acid reflux, she can't handle the dairy in my diet. She gets too much of it through breast milk, and it really upsets her stomach. At 6 months, she's starting to get over it, but it was a huge problem to start. It almost made her collicky to boot. Dairy can turn stools green, no it isn't a huge worry unless it's causing her problems. When you're nursing, drink LOTS of water! That's the best 'milk booster' there is. If you're dehydrated at all, your milk supply will lessen. If you want to increase your supply, pump a couple times a day, and you'll be suprised at the result. Hope things are working well for you!

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My daughter is formula feed and her poo is green, so the "excessive dairy in your diet" comment that was made, you can disregard.

If you feel you arent producing enough and are trying to stretch out your milk, add cereal to the milk. My daughter is 5 months and formula feed, the average 5 month should be eating about 6-8 ounces of formula (which is thicker than breast milk, so there for more filling, and the 6-8 ounces is without cereal), I add a generous amount of cereal to her formula and she only drinks 4 ounces, sometimes she doesnt even finish it.

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i agree i think green is normal. the doctor said depending on what you(if your breastfeeding) or your baby eat can affect the color of the stool but green is perfectly normal. as long as its still soft there should be no problems

Christina - posted on 11/07/2010




I breastfeed my daughter who is almost 5 months now and she also has green poo. She seems perfectly healthy to me and I also agree with the "think milky thoughts". Please don't ever lack confidence in your breastfeeding! I think that's why most women fail to breastfeed is because they are missimformed, don't have enough support and have a lack in confidence and have doubt and worry that their baby is not getting enough milk! You can't forget about the good ol cluster feeds!! This is my second time breastfeeding (my first when for 22 months) and with this one I sometimes start to wonder if I'm not producing enough (as we had a rough start being my water broke at 32 wks, daughter was born at 33.6 weeks would not eat and had to be tube fed so I tried my best to pump enough to supply her needs....I got MRSA and was hospitalized for a week and was given clindamycin so had to pump and dump : ( for that time until finally my lil one came home a week later, we have been breastfeeding every since!!!!!) When I start to doubt I think of all the wonderfully full pee and poo diapers she has given me throughout the day lol, plus she is gaining, now at 14 lbs as she was 5lbs and 4oz at birth. Anyways, did your lil one grow in inches at the visit? Cause they will go back in forth I have noticed with my older daughter! She's go through a weight gain and then will go through a growth spurt!

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My daughter has had green poos since being a new born. She has always been perfect when it comes to weight ect. I don't think it's anything serious.

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You will supply what she is eating the usual reason their poop is green is because of excessive dairy in your milk! it is nothing to be concerned about unless there is mucous or blood in it. around 3-6 months their weight gain can die down while they tend to get longer instead of chunky. hope this helps

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hi, my DS is the same age,bt hes bottle fed, and hes bn havin green poos too. i too told the nurse ad shes said thats normal aswell. have a look at he ingreds of the fenugreek tabs to see wots in it, that mite help you with her poos. 2 increase ur milk i jst got told to drink more water. they do say ur make enuf for ur lil 1 even thou u mite not think so. plus as she gets older she need mre so she will want to drink mre off you to increase ur milk supply until shes gettin enuf she will stop feedin as much and go back to her 'normal' feds.. hope this makes sense. good luck

Hayley - posted on 09/17/2010




my daughter is around the same age, she has green poos, i think its normal, is this ur first?
as for ur breast milk, i have one peice of advice, think milky thoughts, i have often feared running out milk, the truth is its all mind over matter, dont try these ideas to boost ur milk, if ur body can it will prduce.

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