Help with switching from bottle to sippy/straw cup for milk when baby is using sippy for water just fine!

Michele - posted on 08/15/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter switched to milk out of the bottle (from formula) just fine at 1 year, but refuses to drink milk from anything but the bottle now that i'm trying to convert her to a sippy cup or straw cup. She'll drink water out of a sippy or straw cup so I feel like she must not like the taste of the milk (since the bottle sends it further back in her mouth...less taste). Anyone else had this problem? Solutions????


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Jenn - posted on 10/03/2011




My 15 month old daughter is the same...she'll only drink milk from a bottle, but will drink water from her sippy/straw cup. My son, whose 3, was the same way. By age 2 he was only drinking from a sippy/straw cup - milk & water. It all comes in time. Just continue to offer her the milk in the sippy cup, she may surprise you one day & drink it!! Good luck!!!

Hayley - posted on 09/16/2011




my daughter is the same, i just give her milk in a bottle and juice or whatever else in a cup with straw!! she will eventually grow out of it like my son did, im not worried about her have a bottle, i will stop bottles though at
2yrs old

Kelly - posted on 08/24/2011




My daughter is the same, only drinks milk from bottle but will drink water out of sippy, straw or normal cup. I have just been trying to always offer the milk in sippy first and she is slowly starting to drink a bit more out of it each time but still not enough so I am still letting her have bottle. Would love any suggestions anyone else has

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