little bumps all over her and dry scalp

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problem one: my one month and two week old daughter has these little red bumps that started out on her face. i thought they were just the usual tiny bumps babies usually get but then they got worse and her face turned even more red then some of them started turning into what it felt like was little scabs. her face started to look really dry and her skin would just flake off. i called the doctor and asked about it and she said it might be something that about 30% of babies get and that it should go away in a few MONTHS. i was scared. i'm a first time mother and i'm only 17, about the be 18, years old. So then the following week a nurse came to give her a home visit. she said it looked like her skin was just irritated from her bath soap or lotion so she told me to stop putting anything on her face. after about a week or so her face started to get better and was even feeling smooth again but then i noticed the bumps on her neck, in her hair and it's started to spread down her back. has anyone ever had this problem and if so, any words of advice?

problem two: my daughter has these flakes in her hair. it looks like dandruff and it started out as just a tiny bit but now is a lot. it's only on the top of her head though. i tried to just brush it out but some of it is like really stuck on there good and even when it does come up of her scalp it sticks to her hair. i was thinking maybe it was cradle cap? if so, how do i make it go away?

thank you for taking the time to read this and if you can answer any of my questions please do (:

- Amarra S.


Stephanie - posted on 08/27/2010




o.k my dear for problem#1 yes it's common in babies it's usually just a little break out their skin adjusting to their surroundings but it can also be with what your washing her clothes with it's good if you use baby detergent because they have very sensitive skin and regular detergent can irritate it but the doc is right it will go away eventually it bothers you more than it bothers her trust me I freaked out as well when my boys had it. Problem#2 What you see in her hair and stuck to her scalp that looks like dandruff but isnt is called Cradle Cap every newborn baby gets this there is an easy solution before you bathe her put some baby oil in her hair not a lot and just comb it out every day do the same eventually with time it will come out again it bothers us more than it bothers them lol Good Luck let me know how things turn out!


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Sharon - posted on 08/17/2010




is it like acne? my baby also has sometimes but it goes away and its like little pimples that teyhave because of all the hormonal level...

now for the flakes put olive oil a naturist told me for babies with dry skin as soon as they r born to put olive oil a little obvious... and it works... its a great natual mosturizer... or if u dont wanna go natural try aveno lotion....

hope ur baby is doing better!! i am no expert i had my first bab 2 months ago but whateveri know i try to share :)

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OK well the red bumps called chicken skin is very common change from what ever your using to aveno baby. it will help. Second the flakes is from cradle cap. use aveno baby lotion with the soft baby's brush and brush her hair. i had to do it with both mine.

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Baby acne and cradle cap are both seborrheic dermatitis. Kaia has it as well. What happens is that the skin gets dry and then the body produces oils to help. For her face, we found that using an unscented baby moisturiser was a big help and the baby acne has pretty much cleared up. For the cradle cap we were told to put a little olive oil on the scalp about 20 minutes prior to her bath and then wash it off. I'll let you know how that works out for her.

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i have a 7week old...about 2 weeks ago she started to get a few little red bumps on her face and when we are in the heat they are all over her face and i hate it! the doc told me to use aquaphor or cephil (i think thats how you spell those lotions) and my mom told me to try using a baby laundry detergent since i was washing lillys clothes in with mine and my husbands. Rash seems to be doing better but being out in the heat deff. makes it worse for lilly. hope this helps a little!

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Answer one: It sounds to me like baby acne or irritation... Does she spit up a lot? My son spits up tons (he has reflux) and he also has sensitive skin ( I have to keep Desitin on his butt 24/7! he gets red bumps any where that his spit up or saliva (drool) has been. That is normal, I was told just to use a moisturizer, but not baby lotion because that will make it worse.
Answer two: That is cradle cap, just put some baby oil on it, not a lot, you will be surprised as to how LITTLE you actually need!
I know full well how scary it is being a young new mom! I was 15 when I was pregnant and had my daughter at 16, now I am about to be 21 in 11 days and just had my son 2 months ago. Hang in there and it sounds like you are an awesome loving and caring mother!

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Both of my girls had cradle cap. My first had it horrible. My second had it but all we do is put baby oil and let itsit on her head for about an hour, Then we take a comb and comb it off (it loosens up the skin) and wash her hair. Did that once with my 2nd and it cleared it right up. My first had worst time and it stayed for a good couple months. Just keep oil on it and try to keep her head cool

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im not sure about the first problem but the second sounds very much like craddle cap. it's nothing to worry about. you can buy shampoos for this but i didn't notice much difference. iv been told by lots of health profs to massage scalp with olive oil. leave it in and it should help to lift it off. but this has varied results. i usually wait til baby falls asleep and just gently brush it with a baby brush, or even scratch worse difficult bits off with my nails... GENTLY. you may notice hair growth is better once it's removed but it can keep coming back. you need to make sure you always rinse the hair REALLY well with clear water after shampooing all the time to try to keep it at bay.

my son had ecezema from birth and we tried all the products from our doctor, but the only thing that has worked, not only got rid of it but keeps it away is rinsing his entire body with clean clear water after his baths. he still uses a moisturising bubble bath, but he has to rinse it all off properly and it keeps it away altogether. maybe try that with her other skin problem. hope it helps. x

Amarra - posted on 08/09/2010




@Laura Johnstone: thank you so much for the advice. she has a doctors appointment this week so i'll be sure to ask about it.

@Nicola Racknell: thank you also.

Nicola - posted on 08/09/2010




it does sound like cradle cap. most of my babies have suffered from this u can get cradle cap shampoo from the chemist/pharmacy and they really do work wonders

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My baby has the same problem with the red bumps. It's part of there hornmone change. They we so realiable on your hornmones while in the womb she is just now developing her own and the red bumps are part of it. I have been told by my doctor to keep her well moisterised. Use and baby moisturising cream such as johnson's and apply up to 5 times a day. Or see your doctor I was prescribed a cream called Diprobase works wonders!!

I am sorry I can't help with your second worry I don't have that problem.

Hope this helps

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