has anyone felt something?

Brandi - posted on 11/29/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I want to make sure I am not crazy but I feel like, I am feeling the baby move and I am only 12 weeks and some days, when I read up when u start to feel the baby move usually everything I am reading is stating 14 weeks at the earliest.

I will say this isnt my first time being, pregnant I have been pregnant two other times but both times I miscarried at 22 weeks.


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Sam - posted on 01/15/2013




I'm 18 wks 3 days and i have just started feeling the baby. I had my ultrasound the other day and found out it was another boy!!!! but i remember feeling my first baby alot sooner then this and she told me that my placenta was in the front so when the baby kicks that cushions it so thats why im not feeling him very much :(

Sarah - posted on 12/19/2012




I am 13 weeks at the moment and i started to feel baby move last week. This will be my third baby. I thought it was too early too but had my scan yesterday and baby flipped right in front of me and it was the same feeling. So feel happy you can feel your baby so early :)
I am assuming you are being monitored and reassured throughout this pregnancy?? Thinking of you and hoping you'll be holding your bundle next summer ♥ xx

User - posted on 12/16/2012




I'm 13 weeks and all I've felt is weird gas bubbles moving around. I felt my first child move at 16 weeks, and my second at 14 weeks so hopefully in the next week or two I will feel this baby move! Brandi, in my experience I would say its probly 2 early at 12 weeks. Whether you feel the movement or not remember the baby is moving! Just had an ultrasound at 12 weeks & 5 days and saw my baby waving! Hope this baby sticks with you for the full 40 weeks, and y'all have a lifetime of joy!

DIANA MARIE - posted on 12/13/2012




I have been feeling this baby for about 3 weeks now and I just turned 16 wks today. they say it's easier to feel with every pregnancy as you learn what is the baby and what is just gas and its easier to distinguish between the two!!!

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