amanda knox goes free

Tah - posted on 10/03/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




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Submit this storydigg reddit stumble An Italian court has overturned the conviction of 24-year-old American Amanda Knox. Knox was found not guilty of killing her British roommate, 21-year-old Meredith Kercher, in 2007, and will be freed from jail.

Knox collapsed in tears after the verdict overturning her 2009 conviction was read out.

Earlier Monday, Knox tearfully told the court she did not kill her roommate. Knox frequently paused for breath and fought back tears as she spoke in Italian to the eight members of the jury in a packed courtroom, but managed to maintain her composure during the 10-minute address.

After the morning court session, Knox relaxed in the prison chapel, playing guitar and singing as she awaited the verdict, according to an Italian lawmaker who visited her in prison Monday.

Knox's co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito, also was cleared of the murder after a court-ordered review of the DNA evidence cast serious doubts over the main DNA evidence linking the two to the crime.

Convicted in separate proceedings was Rudy Hermann Guede, a small-time drug dealer and drifter who spent most of his life in Italy after arriving here from his native Ivory Coast. Guede was convicted in a separate fast-track procedure and saw his sentence cut to 16 years in his final appeal.

The Kercher family looked on grimly and a bit dazed as the verdict was read out by the judge after 11 hours of deliberations by the eight-member jury. Outside the courthouse, some of the hundreds of observers shouted "Shame, shame!"

Yet inside the frescoed courtroom, Knox's parents, who have regularly traveled from their home in Seattle to Perugia to visit the 24-year-old over the past four years, hugged their lawyers and cried with joy.

"We've been waiting for this for four years," said one of Sollecito's lawyers, Giulia Bongiorno.

The judge upheld Knox's conviction on a charge of slander for accusing bar owner Diya "Patrick" Lumumba of carrying out the killing. He set the sentence at three years, meaning for time served. Knox has been in prison since Nov. 6, 2007.

Prosecutors can appeal the acquittal to Italy's highest court. There was no word late Monday if they planned to do so.

In Seattle, about a dozen Knox supporters were overjoyed that she has been cleared of the murder conviction.

"She's free!" and "We did it!" they shouted at a hotel where they watched the court proceedings on TV.

This is a breaking story -- follow our live blog below for the latest developments.

what are your thoughts??

is she guilty or was it a miscarriage of justice when she was originally convicted??

do you think the italian courts will appeal??


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Tah - posted on 10/04/2011




you always want closure but you want the right person in jail. they had DNA evidence that got her convicted. i use to think, they shared a apartment, im sure her DNA is everywhere, i was never sure she was guilty. Then they had the DNA evidence re-tested and it was contaminated. that was why they thought she was convicted anyway. she and her boyfriend i beleive have been acquitted. there was a drifter whose DNA was found there and they had some other evidence on and he was convicted, i think he has 16 years.

Barb - posted on 10/04/2011




From what i heard on the cnn news last night, i guess all the evidence was circumstantial. They said in the courts in Italy the defense doesn't get to submit any evidence or refute what the prosecution offers but when they appeal, that is the time for the defense to present a case. I guess guilty until proven innocent type of thing.

I have to say, i find it an interesting contrast between this woman who is rumored to have killed her roommate and that woman who killed her child.. casey anthony? i think that is her name.

This lady was found guilty in a court of law then later redeemed, the other lady was found innocent in a court of law but deemed guilty in the eyes of the media and society.

I feel the worst for the family of the girl who was murdered. I'm sure they want the right person prosecuted yet cannot find closure and have to have this festering wound kept open for an indefinite period of time. I hope they find peace as well as whoever murdered their child.

[deleted account]

confused. guede was convicted but knox was charged w/slander on the bar owner? really no thoughts as this is all I've heard about the case. but wow. an american in prison in italy. sure she ate better than ours convicted here. and on very offnote tah I highly suggest you do that trip and go to italy. escpecially perugia. beeyouteeful.

ok...sorry for off track. jsut not enough info for me to comment. anyone else that knows more details?

if she was wrongfully convicted I feel for her. if she wasn't and the dude from ivory coast wrongly then I'd wonder about racism. immigration to itly is still new for them. there are lots of men that come from african countries and do stuff like sell things on the beach. leaving families behind and sending money. hard life. they work soo hard. but ask them about it and they admit it is hard to be away from their families but do so in such a positive way. sad cause you know they can't be happy. or they might sell things at the markets. one guy told my FIL that he likes being in italy. my FIL believed it. I told him no way. he's triying to be upbeat and non-offensive to make a sale. there's no way he can be happy having left his family.

also lots of people there from romaina. they get the worst. work in fields or as housekeepers or nannies. generally and get labelled for crime ALOT! granted some do commit lots of acts of thievery but its to support themselves. generally not vicious killings and stuff. and the chinese. wow they are the preferred. usually own restaurants or "cinese" stores. yeah, they call them that. stores that sell cheap goods and clothes. and they say they have a problem with them because they don't know where they bury the dead. something about fake passports and more there than known by immigration. and ppl from the phillipines. well housekeepers and nannies. same as here. leave children and send money home.

generally I don't think Italy is a racist country (yes big generalization) as whenever I've had discussions with people there they aren't meaning to be hateful. they jsut have lack of experience with people coming into their country. new for them and it really is ignorance in its truest form. lack of knowledge on other cultures and religions type thing. what kills me are the cheesy shows where they do singing in grandiose ways to large audiences. have seen so many with african children lined up in traditional (or so seems to me but hey one and the same to italians) and the kids are singing in italian. my in-laws always say che carina (cute) or bello. and they mean it in nice way but it really gets under my skin. they're so cute cause they're putting on a song and dance act for you? one time watching soccer and hot guy with dreads. told them he was sexy. they were sooo surprised I thought so.

anyway...big off track. italians are beutiful people that will open their doors to you and entertain you in a way we don't do here. they just don't have experience as we do with other cultures. but its changing. figure in another 20 years or so?! (btw many moms from other countries there have told me their children don't experience racism from other children in school and am pretty sure truth to that as they were moms met at beach and that kind of thing).

oh but there are tons of swastikas in places. but they tell me its kids that don't know what it really means as it goes back to fascism and not really anti-semitism. doubt it. but they do regard mussolini as a man that did do some good stuff for the country. and he actually did surprisingly.

ok...rant over...sorry guys.

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