Best Buy plays Grinch, Cancels online orders 3 days before Christmas.

Barb - posted on 12/23/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Best Buy is reportedly filling some holiday shoppers' stockings with lumps of coal as black as the post-Thanksgiving shopping day on which many signed up for deals that the retailer has cancelled.

The big-box electronics retailer has issued an apology for failing to deliver online orders made in November and December, including some Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday deals, in time for holiday gift-giving.

"Due to overwhelming demand of hot product offerings on during the November and December time period, we have encountered a situation that has affected redemption of some of our customers' online orders," Best Buy said in a statement published this week by the FOX 9 website in Minneapolis. "We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we have notified the affected customers."

Specifics about which product orders had been cancelled and the number of Best Buy customers who were affected weren't known. But posters on the retailer's holiday forums have identified Sony's PlayStation 3, the Fujifilm AX-350 camera, and assorted laptops as items that they ordered only to have Best Buy cancel those orders in recent days.

One disgruntled Best Buy customer from Connecticut told The Street about his travails.

"We had ordered and [received confirmation] for a Holiday Bundle from Best Buy's Web site. We received a confirmation on the purchase and an expected shipping date," Scott Mitchell told the site this week. "On Thursday of this past week we received an email informing us that the order was being canceled."

This email from a Best Buy representative, along with an offer for a gift card, came after Mitchell said he had made "several attempts" to contact the retailer's customer service department:

I realize the cancellation of your order was absolutely untimely and I can understand why you would be upset ... Upon pulling up your records here it is evident that you have been an exceptional customer of ours over the years and we truly do appreciate that. Although we value every customer and will go to great lengths to gain and retain their business, your level [of] loyalty does earn special consideration when unfortunate circumstances such as these arise.

Best Buy's online-only deals on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24) included a 55-inch Samsung 1080p HDTV priced at $1,000, a $99 discount, a 15.6-inch Lenovo laptop priced at $179.99, down from $999.99, and a 17.3-inch Toshiba laptop priced at $349.99, also down from $999.99.

The retailer's in-store "doorbuster" deals on Nov. 25 included a 42-inch Sharp 1080 LCD HDTV normally priced at $499.99 for just $199.99, a 15.6-inch Samsung laptop available for $299.99, down from $999.99, a 10.1-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet down from $399.99 to just $249.99, and a $40 savings on a Toshiba Smart Blu-ray player that was specially priced at $39.99 for Black Friday.


So what this says to me is, "Sorry, we realized the economy isn't as bad as predicted and we can make more money than we thought"

Did you buy anything from Best Buy? Would this make you think twice about ordering online from them or shopping with them altogether?

I know me and my grudges, i'd boycott them for life.


Denikka - posted on 12/23/2011




It would piss me off. Royally.
This is exactly why I prefer to physical enter a store, pick up an item, hand over cash, and walk out with said item. That way there are no *oops, lost in the mail* or *oops, not enough stock*. Just way too many risks when ordering online XP


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Barb - posted on 01/02/2012




I noticed they did that whole "match it" marketing with the commercials and advertisements.. now they put the difference on a walmart gift card.. so one way or another they get your money.

Teresa, we are also way out in the boonies, at least an hour to the nearest best buy.

Tah, it's the principal, not the price.. I love it when people get pissed when they have to do their job, i find it funny.. they are the ones, after all, who picked that job.

Tah - posted on 12/31/2011




well you know walmart had stopped their layaway and only opened it back up for christmas. they do get upset when they tag things is no connect but i was at the store buying bread the other day and i saw that the bread was 99 cents. when i got to the register it rang up for 1.28, i said well the sign says 99, she replied, o thats for the homestyle, i said okay well let me grab some homestyle, but really i just wanted to re-check the price and i went back and said, no....sandwich bread is 99, she came saw i was right, got all huffy ripped the 99 cent sign off and came back to the register as if the 29 cents was coming out her pocket, lol. i could have left it alone but i hate when a sign or price says one thing and when you get to the register its not in sync. i remember when it said whatever it rings up or whatever price it says, thats the price they have to give it to you for. is that still the case i wonder?

Teresa - posted on 12/30/2011




Wow, and I almost boycotted Wal-mart (yeah, whatever) for putting our lay-away back on the shelf after we paid $300 out of $400. I know, there was, in little letters at the bottom of the receipt that we had to pick it up by the 16th but WHO looks at that? Apparently we don't. We went to Wal-Mart to pick it up on the 19th and guess what. It was GONE. I mean GONE. The Xbox and Kinect was plentiful but not at the sale we got it for. The bike on the other hand was out of stock. I was so ill I got on the computer with Best-Buy and was going to get the XBox there. We live an hour away from the nearest Best Buy much less any big retailer besides Wal-Mart, so I do alot of on-line shopping. Anyway, back to the boycott. We went to another Wal-MArt, an hour away, and found the exact Xbox bundle priced $100 less than it was supposed to be. I'm in a chair because I'm supposed to be on bedrest (We really follow the rules around here) and I saw that it was barcoded for the lesser amount. hahahaha. It was on the bottom shelf so the associate couldn't see it and my husband couldn't either, but I did. I don't know why the lady got upset, it's not like we were taking it out of her pocket and it WAS coded for the lesser amount. So we got it for the price we originally put it up for AND they had one more bike like my son wanted. I feel like we got ours and WalMart got theirs and they're not hurting by it. But really, we obviously wanted the layaway, we had paid 3/4 of it off. Oh well, lesson learned. It still worked out for the good. SO no boycott, but really way out here in the boonies that's about all we got. Best Buy? I haven't really been overly impressed but I don't do much with them. Other than that I've never had any trrouble shopping on-line.

Barb - posted on 12/23/2011




I ordered most of Christmas online. Nothing from Best Buy, thank goodness, but so far all but one item has been delivered and i only bought that item two days ago. (i'm not worried, we aren't having christmas here until next saturday)

Needless to say, i never thought about what i ordered online might not make it to my house.

I agree Denikka. i'd be pissed beyond measure.

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