For fun..your freakum dress???

Tah - posted on 07/30/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




you know what i mean, that dress in the back of the closet you pull out every once in awhile to remind the husband why he stopped you in the club that night...

what does it look like??

how often do you wear it??

do you think its important to have an outfit like this to keep the relationship spicy???

what does he say(if he can speak)..when he sees you in it??


Amy - posted on 08/02/2011




i have a few. but it's the shoes that get my man. the sexy boots or slinky heels. i don't think it's so much the one outfit that keeps him, but the not wearing sweats daily.

i do have a dress i got at frederick's of hollywood a looooong time back. it's a panel of fabric front and only bottom in back and rest is strings. of course i had to wear black stiletto over the knee boots with that.

oh, and victorian chokers. no idea why. wore one on wedding day -oops, who knew he loved those!!?


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Barb - posted on 08/02/2011




well, actually, the favorite thing he likes to see me in is nothing at all,

We were going to get some freak on one time, have him tie me up and cut my clothes off of me. So i bought a skimpy slutty skirt and a half top from goodwill, spent less than 5 bucks.. He said i looked too hot he didn't want to ruin my outfit.. so he scooted it off me.. jeeze man!! rip it off! maul me! bring it on!

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Lol well I have a couple different articles of clothing it just depends what exactly I'm trying to remind him of. I've got a fancy halter top I wear with my great bum dresspants if my intent is for him not to speak ;) That I've worn once in the last two years last time I wore it was because I was feeling insecure an ex of his had messaged him, there were no real worries but I felt like I needed the ego boost. I wear my yoga pants and sports bra not for yoga ;) My dress is nickalodeon chic (got that off a movie lmao) its black and has little white polka dots pink ribbon great fit and a little rouching or whatever on the bust so makes my boobs look awesome, ruffles underneath and such and I wear that for the girl next door look. Only break that out for the occaisional date or if I'm making him a special dinner (good for if I'm fishing for an apology lol). If I'm trying to remind him of the girl he fell in love with I break out the strategically ripped jeans and one of my raggy yet still somehow sexy band tshirts lol I was such a hippy. That outfit I'm actually breaking out next month I've arranged a sitter for both the kids and I'm taking him to sammys for beer and wings, think I'll go with my rolling stones t-shirt that one fits me best right now, boo yeah. I've actually set up a couple dresses in case I need them, he hasnt seen them yet so the one is halter cut the other is sweetheart neckline both are black the first with a provacative slit up the one leg with blue detailing and the other has a few rinestones and ruffles. Never know when I'm gonna need to give him a little inspiration so its good to have backups if my old stanbys arent cutting it.

Usually the first words out of his mouth after the double take are 'wow,, okay lets go'
I think its important so does he, he even has his own similar tricks like the dress shirt he wears maybe once a year with the great jeans and then randomly he'll wear his ozzy tshirt which is on the verge of disintegrating but thats the shirt he wore on our first date lol.

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