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Tah - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




to all who are or ever were,

what do you see your job as being??

what do you expect of your spouse or S/O when he comes home from work?? with respect to the kids and with respect to the housework?

does the way you have it divided work for your marriage??


Jenn - posted on 09/02/2011




My job is caring for the children, the house, elder family members, school volunteering, cooking, chauffeur for my kids and mother-in-law, shopping, and the little details required to keep life running smoothly.

Hubby works 60+ hours a week so his only job is to take the trash to the curb and maintain the yard on weekends. He takes me on dates which gives me a break from all my duties and makes me feel appreciated and doted on. Everything we do is for the betterment of our family and life. Great balance.

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I see my job as being whatever I need it to be, whatever I need to do.

I expect the same thing he expects: to do what is needed to be done and help out if necessary.

If he came home today and said “Hey money is tight, you need to get a job” I would with out a second thought…I would really be happy actually.

If he came home and I said “Im doing laundry Mikah needs to be changed and/or given a bath.” He would.

So we expect help, BUT if I got it and he got it…then we both stay in our “domain” if you will.

Yeah it works..thus far it works out well, there is a cohesiveness here.


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I'm in charge of the kids, meals, appointments and most of the house work.
We share housework and parenting. Yes I stay home so i take most of the responsabilty for these things, but my husband helped make the kids so he can help raise them. My husband helps make the messes in the house therefore he can help clean them. I was a housewife long before a mother but these were still the rules. He helps with such things as laundry and a quick nightly clean up of toys and such.
It works for us. I do what he cant, and he does what I cant. We support eachother in everything.

Amy - posted on 09/01/2011




My job? Coordinator, damage control, chef, laundress, dishwasher, maid, secretary....and the hardest part: raising kids.

His: working dog long hours, cutting firewood, stacking it, mowing lawn, household repairs [except toilets. i fix those. :) ]

He helps put them to bed nearly nightly and helps them at bath time while I'm nursing the baby.

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I see my job as raising our daughter. Since I'm home all day I clean. I try to cook him a dinner each night, but often times I don't have the energy. He get's home between 8 and 9 so the fact that I'm often too tired to make him anything isn't surprising.

My husband loves to take care of our daughter. She loves daddy time too. In fact yesterday he had to go to work early and she was looking for him all morning crying for him. Broke my heart.

We only have one car, so all errands and appointments happen on his days off.

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When I was a SAHM I really didnt expect much of my husband when he came home. I handled all the housework, appts. childcare. His hours varied during our marriage, but many years he lefft in the afternoon and wa home late evening, so I handled most everything. For those yrs when he worked a more traditional schedule, he would usually hang out with the kids, entertain them, while I cooked dinner.

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When you throw in everything that we's probably 50/50. He goes to work and takes care of the yard. Those are two things I do not do. I do all the housework and dinner every night. Sometimes he grills, but not often.

His schedule is so crazy, I just do breakfast and lunch for me and the girls. If he lets me know ahead of time, I'll make sure to have enough for him to eat too. But I cook dinner every night.

As far as housework, I expect him to put his dishes near the sink and put his dirty cloths in the hamper. Other than that, he doesn't do much.

The children are both of our responsibility. Obviously, they are with me more, because he works. But he takes his job as a dad seriously. Right now he's got the three year old with him running errands. But I do all the middle of the night parenting. He's either working or sleeping like a rock.

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My job is childcare, household duties, booking appointments, making meals (except dinner lol).

I really don't *expect* anything of my SO when he gets home from work. He works 12 hours. But he DOES make us (me and him) dinner everynight. He is 10x the cook I am. I feed the kids before he gets home because he doesn't get home until 6:30 when he's working. I show my gratitute by clean up after him when he makes his lunch for the work the next day, and after dinner, I do the dishes (and we don't own a dishwasher). So basically when he gets home, he makes dinner (usually something easy when he works), makes his lunch for the next day and showers. And I do damage control for the hurricane that follows that. ;)

Another thing I don't expect, but he plays with the kids before they go to bed... because he misses them! :)

But I do the bedtime routine and baths.

On his days off, we're equally busy. He takes care of the outside chores; cutting the grass, gardening (although we both take part in that), tidying up the yard, taking the garbage out.

We grocery shop together and run errands together. He may do a few on his own.

He likes doing the laundry, so he'll usually do ours and hang them out to dry in the spring/summer/fall. I do the kids laundry. And I put away all the clothes afterwards.

I do all the vaccuuming, dusting, cleaning, tidying up in the house. But he'll occasionally do the odd organizing job in the house. Typically the inhouse chores are my domain.

I do about 70-80% of the childcare on his days off. But he spends lots of time with them playing. I make most of their their meals/snacks (except dinner). I change the diapers, I usually am the one that gets them dressed, I do hair, teethbrushing, baths (he'll help get them dressed after), bedtime and packing for outings.

He's a very supportive character to our household duties considering he also works a lot. I'm content! even pampered a little.... lol

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