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Tah - posted on 07/09/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




Is there a such thing for kids???

We took ry ry to the beach that has a park attached and I'll tell you what, these kids were like caged animals just let out....I always tell my kids wait your turn, say excuse me..for goodness sake don't climb on the roof if a castle so you can fall, break something and possibly hurt someone else...these kids were jumping over, climbing under, knocking people out the way, little kids like rylan were simply in the way of their was horrid. The parents were either not paying attention or looking and didn't care, so I started things like "be careful, you are going to make the little fall off the monkey bars if you pull on her legs"....I mean good grief...

Am I being too anal(husband never thinks so..lmbo)?

Is there park etiquette??

Should kids just be allowed to run free???

If there is park etiquette, what is yours???


Jane - posted on 07/11/2011




Of course there is park etiquette! Kids go to a play area to have fun, not to risk being trampled. Even McDonald's play areas have signs saying parents need to keep an eye on their kids (although I've never seen anyone ejected for not supervising their kids).

Our park etiquette is pretty much group etiquette of any sort. Say please, take turns, share, use your words, be gentle with littler kids are our basic rules. If needed we also use "don't break stuff that isn't yours."

There are some people who shouldn't be allowed to have kids. A few get caught by CPS, but the rest go happily on their way raising savages.

Rosie - posted on 07/09/2011




i agree sara, we have a park like that here. and with lucas being as small as he is, it really helps. he gets mad though and wants to go on the "big boy" playground.

i do feel you need to let kids run around and be wild, but as soon as they start getting to the point that they could hurt someone, i dont' like it. kids like to climb up the slide, sure it's annoying but i dont' care if they do it while my kid goes down it, more than likely they are the ones going to get hurt.
my boys like the sand box, my oldest just thinks it's the coolest to throw sand. it drives me fucking batty, he is just so hyper and impulsive. as soon as he does it he sits out for 10 minutes. nothing works with him, spanking him didnt' work, time outs don't work. he's a frustrating child that's for damn sure.


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Tah - posted on 04/25/2012




If they are not watching their children and they are being a menace, don't be afraid that another parent who isn't watching their children will be upset with you. It's your baby, turn on the tiger mom..LOL

Jasmine - posted on 04/24/2012




I hear ya!! My daughter is only 2 so often there are bigger kids around when I take her to playgrounds and what not and she's too young to really try and assert herself. We went to a children's museum and they have this special area for kids under 4. It's really cool and they have a lot of pretend play areas and a slide. She loved it but there were some loud rowdy kids there over 4 (they were probably there with younger siblings, but still) SHe was trying to go down the slide but then like 4 older kids in a row came up and went ahead of her without giving her a second glance. She stood there completely befuddled until I held out my hands to her and encouraged her to come down the slide. It's a tough call to speak up though because I don't want another parent to get annoyed with me. I don't like to take my eyes off her and parents have some responsiblity to make sure their kids are playing nice and being respectful. They need to learn how to behave out in public and this is a learning experience.

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Nope not being too anal, I agree. Children should be respectful of themselves and other's while play at the park. Our son waits his turn, say's excuse me, and always plays on the toys the way they are intended to be. Safety is important to me, the safety of my son and the safety of the other children playing as well. The other day we were at the park and an older boy, I'd say 5ish pushed my son out of the way so he could go down the slide. Kazyn kindly moved so crazy could go down the slide. I went over and asked the little boy to keep his hands to himself and if he did not I would have a talk with his parent, lords knows where the parents were, that boy was acting like he ran that park. Anyhow the boy respected my wishes and there was no need for me to hunt down the parents. Then another little boy got in Kazyn's face and made a silly sound and stuck his tongue out, Kazyn looked at him like he had lost him mind and went about playing. That's my boy! :)

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Last time we took kids to the park there were these two boys there and the parents just sat on a bench and didn't watch them. One kid dumped sand over my son's head. I was a bit pissed. I told the kid it was not okay to do and he needed to go find his parents. He just looked at me like, whatever. my kids don't even get 'run free' in the back yard. Georgie, you share that chalk. Mason, don't you dare climb through the stairs like that! wait your turn, kiddos. at public parks, i'm right on them and correct them if they budge in line or are being rude. If my kids do something bad, I make them apologize and we leave the park.

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No I don't think you're being anal. There are children on the playground who behave like theyhave no home training. I live on post at Ft Campbell and sometimes the children around the playgrounds are out of control. I have had to say something to children that I don't know because their parents are no where around to control them.
Once I went to one that had just been renovated and landscaped a few days earlier, some of the children had pulled plants out of the ground and were running around swinging and throwing them at each other. So I had to say something because if they hit one of my children they would have had a whole lot of problems. It's just ridiculous sometimes.

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The biggest rule is don't climb up the slide. Mine is still a toddler so there aren't many rules that are applicable. We don't go anywhere near the major parks in the area. We now wait until after church and let her play on the playground there. It has a smaller structure that is ideal for tiny children, it's lower to the ground, the stairs have low railings to help them up, the slides are at a gentle slant, even the monkey bars are lower to the ground.

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There is a park I can throw a stone at and hit from my house..and about 2-3 others as well near our home, but we got in the car and drove to this one on the beach to have a family time..I'll go across the

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At the neighbourhood park by us the kids act that way and there isnt a parent in sight, we go to other parks and yes at most parks there is ettiquette mostly with the parents but the kids learn it from seeing it there first. If your kid bites another you guide them through the apology process and they might even make friends in the process, parents don't litter or smoke in the general area, you don't yell at your kid to not eat that bug you walk up to them and talk to them face to face, you don't hollar or otherwise interfere with other people's kids and if a little one wanders up needing a shoe tied or have fallen right in front of you, don't just ignore them you help them up and get their parent's attention (at the good parks a parent is usually right there and paying attention) If its past naptime and your kid hasn't eaten lunch yet and they are terrorizing the park you leave. Little things like that make a huge difference between a good park and a shitty one. Yes theres definately ettiquette just sometimes in shitty areas theres ignorant kids running around even more ignorant parents (or no parents at all) and for those ones I don't even take Aiden because its a losing battle from the getgo and the park is supposed to be fun. I find it really aggravating pushing rules and etiquette on my 3 year old when he's seeing all the other kids get away with murder and being hurt, but thats a life lesson right there in itself just because others don't behave doesn't mean you should lower yourself but when we're going to the park as often as we do I don't really think my kid should be getting slapped in the face with a life lesson we go to the good parks.

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I think there should be a playground for little ones and one for big kids. It makes me so nervous when big kids rush past my kid who has to concentrate to climb the ladder.

But having two separate play spaces is not within my yes, I think parents of older kids should teach them to be aware of the little ones playing.

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