teacher fills in students head with a sharpie

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A Texas student is upset with school officials, saying administrators went too far when they used a permanent marker to fill in lines shaved into his hair.

Marshall Junior High student Sheldon Williams has two areas on his head where the shave is closer than the rest of his hair. School officials said it was a violation of the Marshall dress code, which prohibits "designs shaved into hair," KSLA reports.

"She said we're not supposed to have two parts, we can only have one," Williams told KSLA. "I was kind of mad cause I don't want no sharpie marker in my hair."

Williams tells KSLA that his hair has been styled and shaved like that for a while, and hasn't come across problems at school.

Williams' mother says she never received notification of the issue before the educator took a sharpie to her son's head, calling the failure to inform disrespectful.

The school's principal said it was her understanding that this was how similar violations were dealt with in the past, but regrets not calling Williams' parents and seeks to change protocol for the future.

School dress codes and how violations are handled are often contentious issues among schools, students and parents. Earlier this month, a 12-year-old Nebraska student was told by her principal she couldn't wear a necklace that looks like a rosary, citing its similarity to a gang symbol.

In August, the mother of a California elementary school student physically attacked her son's school principal after her 9-year-old son was told to turn his shirt inside-out because it had skulls and crossbones on it.

UMMM..WTH....they colored the kids head in with a sharpie and "are trying to change the policy"..are you kidding me"...

what are your thoughts because i would have had to use my loud voice for this one....


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A sharpie to the head w/out any notification at all (considering it said his hair had been like that for a while) is way over the line.

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I would have used my loud voice too! I also have a hard time believing that the school's policy or procedure includes using a Sharpie to hide the lines. I think that the teacher made an example of the student by filling in the line. I can almost hear her saying "Now children, this is what happens when you don't follow the rules" To me she overstepped her authority.

They also should have called the parents. The proper way to handle the situation would to have sent the student to the office, inform the student and his parents that his haircut violated school policy and take more appropriate steps to deal with it, like asking the student to get a haircut to minimize the appearance on the lines.

I have a friend that lives in Texas. Last year her son was suspended from school because he had a 6 inch Mohawk that was dyed blue. The policy at his school states that students can't have haircuts that are a distraction to other students, the learning process and was not neat in appearance. She launched a campaign to have the policy changed because 1. the students weren't distracted by it 2. her daughter cut off 3 feet of hair for locks of love and that garnered more attention then her son's haircut and 3. that her son was upset he couldn't attend school. He was a was an honor role student who had never been in trouble at school before. She said that making an example of her son actually created more distraction among the students then his haircut. She won her argument and the school changed their policy to included Mohawks but they could only be 1/2 long and not dyed.

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i just wonder when common sense went out the window...just because someone else did it do you have to do it?....now you want to change policy, after your butt is on the line...

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I suppose a hat was out of the question as they are usually a dress code violation as well, but it seems as though that would have been a better response.

& Yup they should have called the parents.

Who had the "bright" idea to use a sharpie on a kids head any way, that just sounds stupid.


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Welcome to Texas where men are men and the sheep are scared.

I remember reading about another incident in Texas back in the early 90's where an 8 year old was placed on in school suspension because of his rat tail.

That's crazy. Someone needs to pull the stick out of Texas' ass.

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ROFLOL- ok first off the idea of coloring a kids head in with a sharpie cracks me up

ok now seriously WHY is it a big deal? Its not like he had a word or gang sign, or whatever...they are lines ppl! Better then a mohawk you cant see over in class! Craziness total craziness!

Jurnee - posted on 10/15/2011




Yeah, way over the top. I think a phone call to the parents would have sufficed. A sharpie to the head? Who makes these assinine policies?

~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/14/2011





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I hate dress codes/hair codes. As long as your ass and chest is covered and no vulgarity on shirts, whatever.

What was that quote on the more rules there are, the more corrupt the system? I wouldn't even be allowed to color my hair. The time in kids' lives when creativity should reign before stuck in a coded/stuffy/rules rules rules world, let them have designs in hair. it's just hair. who cares? do they have a job to hold down? no. Can't wait for my daughter to do henna and get sent home. sheesh. i'm not looking forward to school.

and turning a shirt inside out for skull and crossbones. depends on what it looked like really. but hello, pirates are really in right now. but mom was off her rocker to attack someone over it.

i don't know many catholics who wear the rosary, but i do know quite a few who aren't catholic who wear them because they are beautiful. I even bought four while in spain and wore them. Yeah, um...total gang member. Jesus freaks gang. Big threats to the world. But again, would probably have to see it and compare with gang symbol in question.

and not only was failure to inform disrespectful, but a sharpie to a kid's head? come on folks. How are we to teach children to act in responsible manner when adults are going around acting like petty kids. I'm really scared to send my kids to school.

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A Sharpie to the kid's head?! What? That is just crazy and could even be interpreted as a form of assault because of the nasty chemicals in the ink.

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That is ridiculous. The sharpie is taking it WAAAY too far.
The necklace is just silly (really, it looks like a religious symbol/gang symbol?? dumb)
As for the crossbones shirt, I think the mom is in the wrong on that one. Not just for attacking the principal, but really? Just turning the shirt inside out?? Totally not a huge deal. We had lots of kids in my high school who had to do that because of drug language or profanity on their shirts.

I know that in my elementary and in my high school, the office kept a supply of t-shirts and hoodies (with the school logo on them) so that the kids had a choice when they were caught in inappropriate clothes. Either change, turn the shirt inside out, or put another shirt over top. I think that's about the most appropriate response from the school when a dress code is broken.

Hair's a little bit more difficult. But the parent should ALWAYS be notified before any action is taken on the part of the school. Either send the kid home and let the parent deal with it, give him an in school suspension until it's dealt with, or get permission to deal with it themselves.

Some people. . . . .one more strike against public schools XP

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