Kansas City, Missouri Moms

This is for all the Kansas City moms to join together!


any bluesring or Independence moms

I live in independence but i really dont have anyone people to talk to about babies and being a mom. So if anyone lives around independence or blue springs leave me a comment.


Playgroups for Stay at Home Moms

Good morning! I'm a stay at home mom of a one year old. She will be two in October!! I am at home for the majority of the time outside of doctor's appointments. I would love to...



Hi Mommies. I'm starting a job very soon. I need a daycare for my son. He is currently in pre school, but he only goes half days and doesn't go at all on Fridays. So I need a...


Mom friends?

Hey im from kc mo and hoping to make some mom friends. I have a daughter who is 10 months old. im a stay at home mom 22 yrs old. Been married for 3 years. Um and just looking...


play dates

hello i am a stay at home mom of two little girls. since they dont go so daycare or anything they dont get to play with kids their ages much. so would like to get my girls...


Baby meet and greets?

Hey guys, I am a new mom and I moved to KC from Des Moines and am soooooo lonely here! I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to meet new moms? I was hoping for maybe a baby...


mommy friends

i am 18 and dont have very many friends with babies. and i am looking for moms that i could be around so i wasnt quite so lonely all the time. i have a little girl and she is 7...


Newbie in the group

Hello everyone, Just thought i'd join a group to talk with local momma's... I however am not a "mom" yet but I have a bun in the oven, Im 23 weeks and can't wait for my baby boy...



Hey everyone, I am a 31 year old mom of 2 rough and tumble boys. I stay at home with them so I consider my job as referee. I like to canoe, read, write, hike, take the boys...



Hi everyone! My name is Cody! I'm 23, and I have a 3 year old son named Gauge. I recently quit my craptastic job at Home Depot, where I worked for 5 months and was promoted to a...


St. Joseph, MO

Hi. I couldn't find a communiy for moms from St. Joe. This was the closet I found. Is there anyone in this community from St. Joseph??? If so how old are you children?


A Mommy and me group?

I'm a mother of a 3 month old boy. I stay at home most of the time and would love to have a chance for more adult conversation somedays. I live in Kansas City, in the Northland....