Kick that baby belly!

For moms who want to lose their baby weight! give advice support and lose that baby weight together!


6 Week Flat Belly Program

Hi there, I have 2 boys and know the struggle of losing weight all too well, especially around the tummy. I can help you minimise your tummy fat with a wonderful 6 week program....


Online Coaching

Hi there, I'm in New Zealand and offer online personal training. I understand how hard it can be to get to a gym or do exercises having kids and having to deal with work and...


Vanish Tummy Flab!

After having 3 babies, it wasn't the weight that was the hard part to get rid of, it was the extra tummy flab!!!! In October of 2013 I found Advocare. Now hang with me...I was...


Need a Tummy Flab Rescue!

For the most part, I've managed to lose a bunch of weight, still have a ways to go, but most of my body looks ok. However, the area around my middle still has a lot of fat and...



Hi Ladies, I just spent this week fasting, well the first 4 days of the week anyway. I'm hoping it will help me clean out all the toxins and also help with my last month of...