Need a Tummy Flab Rescue!

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For the most part, I've managed to lose a bunch of weight, still have a ways to go, but most of my body looks ok. However, the area around my middle still has a lot of fat and flabby skin that flops down over my pants in the front and makes me look horrible in anything but jeans that hold it all in. What can I do to get rid of it???


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Jessica - posted on 04/10/2010




unfortunately, once you stretch teh skin, it stays like that. there is no way doing any amount of sit ups will change that. sure you will tone up the muscle, but you said its the skin thats the problem right? i have the same problem, and it got worse with the 2nd baby cause he grew so big(he was a 10 pounder at birth). unfortunately we are stuck with it for now. if anything try a body creme that has collagen and elastin in it. it probably wont make you pre-preggo firm, but it should have some effect. good luck! :)

Heather - posted on 03/10/2010




my husband suggested me me after i had our last son (now almso 3 mo old), to lay flat our your back, lay your legs flat on the ground, keeping them together. Raise your legs together about 6 inches off the ground and hold it for 10 seconds. Lower your legs and rest for 5 seconds. It's a simple simple workout but it works!! You can even touch your stomach as you do it, and you can feel your stomach getting tight everytime you lift your legs! I haven't done it as much as I should, but it does work.

The lady that everyone calls the octo mom that was all over tv, was interviewed now that the kids are turning 1, and she said she did 200 sit-ups a day. she said she didn't have any surgery or anything like that, just situps! Good luck! I hope this helps!!

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