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We are planning a family camping trip. I have helth issues n low energy. And a super picky 13 year old boy.

Any easy dinner and food suggestions?


Peg - posted on 07/29/2009




I always make a trail mix of nuts, berries, and chex mixes, even throw in some dates and figs

I am a diabetic so the trail mix is handy and keeps my sugar levels from dropping too low

my son doesn't like any thing much in the way of alot of foods... he cooks his own hot dogs over the fire, cooks marshmellows for smores

make some of the dishes at home and bring them in coolers we did that for years before we got our camper

hope that helps, have more Ideas but not sure what you wanted or the health issues you have


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Kasia - posted on 08/12/2009




We always grill kielbasa on a stick over the fire. It tastes really good but I am not sure if you can with your diet. We did a lot of starter meals with lipton rice or pasta. Just added veggies, meat to it and it worked out great.

As for things to do. Fish if there is access to water.

The card game Phase 10, about $5 at Wallmart is great for both adults and kids your sons age. Everyone who we introduced this card game to love it. My nieces and nephews your sons age love it. Bike riding and just sitting near the fire and talking, telling stories is good.

Girlio - posted on 08/12/2009




Bacon/Eggs/Toast over the fire for breaky

Hot dogs or homemade (before we go) burgers for lunch

Steak and Spuds for dinner

-Spud recipe: Medium sliced spuds (rounds), Carrots cut up, onion adds the best flavour but the picky 13yr old prob won't eat it, parsley or dill, butter, salt and pepper to taste (I use seasoning salt). Layer of tinfoil, 2 squares of wet paper towel folded in 1/4's on top of tin foil, second layer of tin foil, rub butter on tinfoil, place spuds and carrots on second layer of tinfoil cover with another layer of tinfoil, wet paper towel and last layer of tinfoil. Bend and roll all 4 sides of tinfoil together to create a "packet" and put over the fire. Cooking time = ~ 45 min.

Graham Crackers, Jersey milk choc bars, marshmallows - For SMORES!!!

Activities: Ball gloves and softball for catch, bike(s), playing cards, frisbee, swimsuit if near lake/ocean?

Michele - posted on 08/11/2009




we looove camping :)

homemade trail mix is yum yum...

everyone gets to add their favorite nuts and dried fruits

we also like turkey jerkey

juice box size soy milks and granola

we bring instant oatmeal (easy and warm with mass appeal)

'tasty bites' makes boil in the bag lentils which can be added to pre-made rice

another staple is hotdogs (who does not like cooking with a stick?)

finally, chicken marinated in freezer bags, in the cooler... we do barbeque sauce

as for entertainment...

reading books

sketch books with colored pencils and pastels


magnifying glass



whiffle ball

deck of cards

and we have a travel scrabble and connect four

we also 'letterbox'

sort of a scavenger hunt all over the u.s. and other countries as well

have a wonderful adventure :)

Darlajean - posted on 08/09/2009




Please go to It help all my childern, Read everything on the web-site and listern to the Video. Dr. William Sears, MD FRCP is a wonderful Pediation. Their are so many Doctors that support The Free Childerns Research Foundation, it Blessed us and it helped me with weight Control and Better Health. Darlajean

Lori - posted on 08/03/2009




Are you cooking all your meals over a fire or will you have access to a propane stove?

Tracy - posted on 08/03/2009




Games....remember it! Also, horse shoes, maybe a dart board hung on a tree......try maybe some cards or a new board game. Walks in the woods are also good for seeing new things and talking together....campfires and smores.....let the whole family make meal time a do-it-together event. Let each person pick what they want to have a part in....makes it like to eat what they help is a pride thing I guess.

Kristy - posted on 07/29/2009




I have type 2 diabeties. fibromyliga, asthma and other stuff.
I just want this to be a good experiance for all of us. I am hoping to band all video games and the like so any entertainment or recreation suggestions.

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