Cooking for a Toddler?

Cledia - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I love to cook. My husband actually always compliments my cooking. I even love inventing new recipes. But when it comes to cooking for my 2 year old. I hit a brick wall.... What do you all cook for your toddlers. He actually has become a picky eater. Even when we go to restaurants he usually will eat kernel corn or french fries. I feel frustrated and challenged. HELP!


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OhJessie - posted on 05/01/2011




My 2 year olds lived on air and chocolate milk. Keep offering little amounts; they'll eat eventuallly. Don't we all?

And a vegetarian diet is extremely unhealthy for a child that young. They NEED fats and they need meat fats. Whatever.

Meenakshi - posted on 05/01/2011




Since we are vegetarian, I feed him a range of veg options
Spinach or any vegetable pan cakes, she loves it with Salsa sauce,
bread wrapped in gram flour in various shapes,
Omelette's made in various shapes
Cheese balls
Oats with milk honey and apple
mashed potato with butter
Stuffed wheat bread
Fruit juices
Mashed fruit
Fruit smoothies
Small pieces of wheat bread dipped in vegetables gravy
Rice & vegetable gravy
Lentils and rice
mashed banana and other fruits

I also give her Nutralite protein and kids suppliments, you can find the details on

Jas - posted on 04/28/2011




im lucky my son eats everything apart from peanut butter, but my friends child id like this too, i have said to her that she could try cooking a variety of veg and blending it with tomatoes and pouring it over pasta with cheese on, my friend never took my advise but i hope you will give it a go x

Michelle - posted on 04/26/2011




have you tried getting him to help with the cooking? usually when they are involved with it they may be more likely to eat it. It does take up to 20 tries of the food sometimes for them to actually like it. but if you get him to help or maybe ask what he wants out of some options he might be more co operative.

Paula - posted on 04/22/2011




Our 2 yr old granson does stuff like that. We encourage him to eat 3 bites of meat and then he gets a fry or bread or whatever he's wanting over the healthy stuff. For over 1 yr his thing was bananas. He loved them and wanted them multiple times a day. Now he doesn't want them at all. As far as cooking for you little one, I wouldn't cook specially for him. Endourage eating what the family is having and if he doesn't eat then he's finished. If he asks for a snack remind him he didn't eat dinner and he has to eat it or wait until next meal. Unless you are seeing dramatic weight loss don't worry about him going without, his body will bring him around. If you are having something too spicy or something he is allergic to encourage cereal as a meal. My grandson loves cheerioes or raisin bran for supper especially if we are having leftovers.

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They go thru phases like that... the most important thing is to keep offering a range of different food do not encourage his picky eating by giving only what he is used to. Try to find something he really likes for example my son loves ranch dressing and bbq sauce. So if he wont eat his chicken or veggies i will mix them with a nickel size drop of his fav sauce but only as a last resort. I never force him if that doesnt work I just try again next meal. i have found something he didnt like 2 weeks ago suddenly becomes his favorite =)

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