Hi I'm Gina, Mom to 5 boys, married, I love to cook and collect recipies.

Virginia Maria Gina - posted on 02/26/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I like all kinds of recipies, lots of times I just cook/bake from my head, I start with a recipie and just add extra ingredients for my own spin on the recipie :).
My Favorite meal I love to do for my family is Pork Roast & Roasted Potatoes in the oven.
I love to collect recipies, have lots of books in my kitchen. When younger I use to cut/clip
recipies from magazines or listen to cooking shows and write the recipies down.
Now it's so much easier with the internet world, it's so cool to surf the web and look
for new recipies, there's so much out there, a new adventure awaits us, we just have to google it. :)
Looking forward to making friends who also enjoy the kitchen atmosphere and to learn new recipies. We can never have a lot of recipies. :) Hugs all around to who ever reads my message.


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Karina - posted on 02/27/2009




hi, i too love to cook and the best part is the eating!!!

i have a little tip for roast pork.....when you are trying to get the crackeling 'crackled'.(the skin/fat) instead of rubbing the skin with olive oil and salt, i use fresh lemon juice and salt (there is enough fat already) and i rub it into the skin before baking at a high temp....i also make little holes in the meat with my knife and put in fresh garlic pieces.

hope you like the tips....Gina, i dont know how you find the time to cook with 5 sons, you need a medal!!!

kind regards,

karina (australia)

Michele - posted on 02/26/2009




Hi Gina, i love to cook/bake too! though i don't have enough time to do it like i ued to.. 1 of the things i loved to do when making a roast (beef/pork) is slice a joelopeno(sp) pepper over the meat and bake it like normal... sometimes I would spoon the juices over the top so the flavors would seep in.. Then i would use the juice for home gravy. You can take out the peppers before making the gravy if you don't want to much spice... It gives the gravy a nice added boost! Hope you like it

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