How to make white cheese sauce like in Mexican resturants?


Alea - posted on 02/14/2010




The best way to make cheese sauce is to buy the mexican queso fresco. You can find it in the refrigerated section at most wal-marts now. it is a round package of chees. you can melt the cheese with a splash of milk over low heat and add green chili or salsa(the tostitos brand is good). you can also add some cooked ground beef if you would like and serve with chips. :-)

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2 Teaspoons of corn or vegetable oil

2 Peppers ( jalapenos,or which ever green pepper you perfer)

1 Medium Onion


2 Tomatoes

Black pepper, salt, and Garlic at taste

La Vaquita ( queso fresco)

you make the salsa by boiling the peppers, and tomaoes in a pot till the skin of tomatoes and peppers are starting to peal off.

next you fry the onion in pan with oil about 2 Teaspoons

you draine and blend the peppers, and tomatoes in a blender

pour the mixture into the pan with the onions. sprinkle the salt, pepper, and the garlic

then you cut the ( la Vaquita) white cheese in little bits of squares and mix them in with the sauce untill it boils in and then its ready to eat. we eat this usually for breakfast.

Anje - posted on 02/14/2010




You can buy Pepper Jack Cheese (white cheese) at Walmart. It's a block of cheese and you just melt it. You can find it by the Deli. (Where you can get food already prepared by Walmart)


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Meghann - posted on 02/18/2010




Food City has some already prepared in a little square container. All you have to do is heat it! They have plain cheese dip n the spicy one. It is very good! Tastes just like the cheese at the resturant! Its in the section across frm the deli, with the packaged sara lee deli meats n the deli made stuff like the potato salad...hope this helps you!

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